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Belk / belk credit card

1 Greenville, SC, United States

Recently there have been payments posted to my Belk credit card that I saw when I checked my account. The payments were made by phone which I never do, I use the app and pay online. There were 4 payments that were declined because apparently the account was not active. I called Belk twice about these payments to explain that I was not the person making those payments. Why someone would want to pay off my balance I have no idea. If that is some kind of scam, I don't get it. However, the Belk representatives were RUDE and told me I had to contact my bank to PROVE THE PAYMENTS DID NOT COME FROM MY BANK. How do you prove payments you did not make? I don't know the account number that was used for these payments and Belk would not tell me. Rather than reaching out to their "valued customer" to get confirmation that I was trying to make these payments BELK CLOSED MY ACCOUNT!!! For all I know someone is trying to steal my identity of use my account information in some unlawful way. The point is, rather than protecting their customer, they treated me like a criminal and closed my account. I was told I had to write a letter PROVING those attempted payments did not come from me then Belk would decide in approximately 3 billing cycles if they would open my account again. OR I could apply for another account but I would be declined due to this current issue. I asked if they could give me a new card and transfer the balance and was told no. So much for PROTECTING YOUR CUSTOMERS. So much for customer service! so I WIL NEVER SHOP AT BELK AGAIN.

Jan 30, 2019

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