Never buy a beko product !!! I will never again...

Beko has shown to be an abominable company. So many complaints in the same vain... Customer service, technical support, engineers not to mention replacing faulty products!
Beko you are a fake and you lie! Telling retailers we turn engineers away as you don't want to give an uplift number to the retailer so they can replace a product and in our case the dishwasher concerned is not yet two years old, therefore, it comes under your guarantee. We've had 4 engineers who have not managed to fix our dishwasher. Its' clearly been established that the machine is not fixable yet a report is not filed to release a new machine. You make fake engineer appointments meanwhile time is lapsing. Beko you are transparent - at one point telling the retailer our guarantee has run out, however it hasn't as our machine wasn't delivered until 7 weeks after the date of purchase!!!
I have wasted so much time on resolving this issue for 2 months and still you fail to deliver - still confirming fake appointments with the retailer. This won't go away #consumer rights act!

Jan 25, 2017

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