Bed Bath & Beyond / staff/product

669 ash st 720 227 8581, Denver, CO, United States

Yesterday we had a gut wrenching punitive experience at BB&B after all the stuff we bought from you here is the worst. Bissell Bolt Plus. The cashier told us to go pick out another one and bring it to her then she went to another department. We asked another cashier to help us and he shined us on big time. Asking someone else to wait on us he couldn't be bothered. She asked for a receipt (broken record everywhere). Since we had to return a defective one for this defective one we had no receipt. I gave her all three of our credit cards and she lied about that and told us to contact Bissell. Nice. YOUR INFORMATION IS RIGHT ON THE CARTON!
You know its yours and we are sick of battling it out with your staff.
Give us back our hard earned money or another one that hopefully Bissell has improved. What happened to "the customer is always right:? TC

Jan 5, 2019

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