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For some reason this site has decided to block non members from communicating with members of the site. I certainly doubt the site owners have told their members they are no longer permitted to communicate with nonmembers.
I am a nonmember and have been having ongoing conversations with members for years
It is very dysfunctional to NOT allow members to communicate with whomever they please since they have paid a membership fee.
I personally have several messages sent to me that are pending for me to be able to open them. It is very POOR management to not allow paid members to do as they please and to not warn non members in advance they would soon be unable to continue their correspondence with paid members. It is essentially BLACKMAIL " you want your messages, pay the fee or you do not get them." This is immature, childish behavior at best and one reason, among other issues that I have not joined previously.

Jul 20, 2018

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