Beachbodycustomer service for orders not received

I have a reacquiring monthly Shakeology order that gets shipped on the 17th of every month. Last month i never received my order but was charged for it. Luckily, i had a great customer Service rep who gave me a refund and assured me that my this month's order will be on time and that i never have to worry about this happening again.

Sure enough, i did not receive my order again this month. However, this time when i reached out to CS, they told me they changed my shipment date to today (the day i reached out, which is 10 days after it was supposed to be shipped) and that they will still be charging me for it. They told me that this is now going to be my new shipment date.

I asked for an explanation of why this keeps happening and told them i did not want the date to be changed. If anything i would've preferred to get a complimentary shipment to make up for two months of no shipments. Instead the rep kept repeating themselves saying they apologize for the inconvenience and i will still be charged since now i have a new shipment date. This makes no sense to me! I love Shakeology, but this kind of service is making me seriously consider canceling.

Jan 26, 2017

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