Beachbody / beachbody unauthorized charges/ scam

Whiteville, United States

This is the email I sent to Beachbody earlier today, it contains my entire experience with this company:

REQUEST: II am a Beachbody customer. I want to CANCEL my auto-shipment of "Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" and I also want to CANCEL my "Team Beachbody Club" membership. I want them cancelled as soon as possible.

Comments: From the very first day that I purchased products from BeachBody, I have been scammed and conned into purchases and payments that I was NEVER made aware of. I ordered something that I didn't mean to (along with my already huge purchase) and as soon as I did (I didn't waste a minute) I wrote Beachbody and email telling you that I made the mistake on accident. (Side note: I wasn't sure about the price on this accidental item, and there was no button to take it out of my cart or review it, so I assumed I would be able to see my shopping cart before I checked out to make sure all of the information was correct. NOPE, I was not allowed to do that. My only option was to head to checkout, and when I pressed the button to head to checkout the item was instantly purchased.) Since I had JUST ordered it, I thought there would be no problem cancelling that one product. Then I get back an email response telling me NOTHING that I requested or asked about. A few keywords were taken from my email, and an automatic response (or the person who just didn't bother to read it) was sent to me. Thanks for that customer service, I really feel like you care. So I am unable to cancel it because of this, and the order comes in. I prepare to ship it back, and it apparently costs more to ship it back than the actual product costed! So I just kept it. And then today, about a month later, I go to my mailbox to find a package from BeachBody that I was not expecting. When I placed an order a month ago, I added T25 to my shopping cart, and then I received many free (or discount) offers. Considering T25 was very expensive on its own, I only accepted the free offers that I particularly wanted. I made sure to read about each offer and product to make sure they were truly free. And now here I am today, opening my mail box to a $104.04 package that contains nothing but the "Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" supplement. I was confused, so I went to my online receipt in my email (which I didn't fully read due to me already reading my receipt on Beachbody's page) and there I see "FOCUS T25 Nutritional Advantage - - Free 30 day supply!" I'm thinking, "Yes, this is exactly what I purchased." But then trailing behind it it tells me that you are going to start charging me after the free trial (I signed up for the trial, not the auto-shipment!) and charge me every for a 90-day supply, costing $29.95 per month plus shipping. Not only that, I see that my other "free" 30 day trial for "Team Beachbody Club" is also the same as the Nutritional Advantage. I'm being secretly charged after the 30 free days ended. I read thoroughly about these offers, and never saw anything about any of this! So either it wasn't there to see, or it was hidden very well from me. I trusted this company with my credit card information because I thought Shaun T's business would be an honest and respectable one, but now I see that your interest isn't in helping people, it's about how much money you can get and swindle your customers out of. I am a college student with bills piling sky-high (I told Beachbody this in the first email I sent about my accidental order), and also many doctor bills, and my family is helping me while running low on money themselves. This is the last thing that I needed to happen. I am ashamed that I purchased anything from Beachbody and gave money to this company. I am going to try and return this $104.04 purchase, but I am sure it will take a hefty amount of money to do that. So thank you for forcing me into eating ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few months. I hope I've shown my disgust for this company's practices and made it clear how I feel. If I purchase anything from Shaun T, it will be from Ebay or some other shopping site. I want nothing more to do with this company, and if all of these auto-shipments do not get cancelled immediately I will make sure to spread the word to as many people I can, via all social media and word of mouth, about how what has been done to me by this company, and I won't stop until the things that I asked to be cancelled are cancelled. I am attaching a photo of my bill that came in the mail in case you need it for any sort of reason. And let me just say, it takes a lot of work to be able to get in touch with customer service, which is shady in itself.

I apologize to the service representative that reads this, due to the fact that you might not know about any of this secret charging business. I am not angry at you, but at the company. I have been through so much with this company and I am at my wits end, and am extremely frustrated. I appreciate you reading my email, and beg you to cancel these charges. I truly cannot afford it, and I am living off of very little as it is. Thank you for reading me email, and I hope you have a blessed day.

Dec 16, 2014

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