Beachbody 10 Minute Trainercharges for incomplete order

I was considering purchasing a product from BeachBody on 1/8/15. There are 4 stages to the ordering process. The first stage requires you to input your credit card info and forces you onto a 2 part payment plan with the promise to allow you to change to a single payment option later in the process. The second stage offers upsells that you must review and decline. At this stage, I decided against completing the purchase and exited the BeachBody website. The third stage was payment options, which I never got to because I exited the website. The fourth stage was the order confirmation stage, which to me means that my order was not completed unless I got to this stage. I never got to that stage and I did not ever confirm or complete my order. In fact, my "order" is still showing in the shopping cart on the BeachBody website as not complete. However, a few hours after I left the BeachBody website, an email was sent to me indicating that my order had been completed...which didn't make sense since I hadn't completed the order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Virginia Beach, VA I contacted BeachBody via chat at 7:58 am on 1/9 to ask them to cancel the order and they told me that they couldn't stop the order because it was already processed in their warehouse (which is a lie because the warehouse sent me an email on 1/11 to notify me that the order had just shipped). When I told the chat person (Ravi) that I would contact the FTC about the theft from my credit card, I finally got some cooperation. Ravi and his supervisor finally approved offering me a refund to my credit card (which still has not happened) and said that they couldn't stop the shipment so they sent me a return shipping label. Somebody needs to stop the BeachBody theft during the order process in which they taking money from consumer credit cards without an order confirmation. Additionally, they need to refund the money charged along with ANY INTEREST EARNED on the stolen money that sits in their accounts until they provide refunds to the few people who figure out how to force them to pay for the shipping. This scam needs to be stopped. Complaint has been filed with FTC.

Jan 12, 2015

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