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Sent: 4, March 2017, 23:00

###!!! You are full of excuses, how can i be begging for my hard earned money.

6-8weeks, meanwhile you are looking for more victims to pay off that amount? My card details is compromised. This 8weeks will allow you more time to debit!!!

I had deactivated my profile ancient ago. What the hell are you talking about!!! Cant you read how disgusted people are?

I read all the posts in the scam page. Goodluck! KARMA is coming your way, if you have children and family, the amount you took is not enough to cover your distress, and pain seeing your family hurt. KARMA and GRIEF will come.

Forget it, i am giving you that amount to buy even a bottle of medication when karma struck you... I will post your response so the rest are aware.

I am a hardworking woman who was genuinely into your site. YOU CAN LAUGH NOW! Keep the money for your disaster. Check all the posts, in Australia you see the ad on facebook saying its free. This is not a principle of just wanting a free load, its the way you mislead and cause anguish to genuine people.

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From: be2 Customer Service
Sent: 3 March 2017, 20:00
Subject: Re: [Ticket#20 Cancellation of Membership

Hi Lee,

We have refunded $70.00 to your account.

The money was transferred on 03.03.2017.

Transactions might take up to 6-8 weeks to show on your statement depending on your bank or credit card provider.

However, we have already transferred the funds.

If you have any questions regarding the transfer, just email us back.

Your profile will remain active. If you want to delete or deactivate your profile, you can ask us or do it yourself in your profile settings.

be2 customer service
email: [protected]

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Commercial Register: B123206
Managing Director : Laetitia Pateau

Mar 09, 2017

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