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BB&T / biggest rip-off i've seen in a while

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My husband and I have recently amassed almost $400 in overdraft fees from what we thought was an institution we could trust. How much was actually overdrafted, you might ask? Less than $100. Our other account had well over $100 in it which would have covered those items. Did BB&T think to check our other accounts for the money? No! Did they notify us with a phone call or email to let us know that this cascade of fees was beginning? No!

I called the bank after the initial $70 had been charged over (you're going to love this) $7.00 of overdraft, and I asked them if I could opt out of this so-called Overdraft Protection. That would mean my card would simply be declined if I didn't have the funds in my account. A little embarrassment at the checkout line, but I could deal with that. The woman that I talked to acted like I had just asked HER to pay the overdraft fees. "You can't opt out of overdraft fees!" she told me. Other banks, like the credit union we will soon be joining, allow you to do this, or to link 2 or more accounts to cover any overdrafts. Will BB&T let you do this? Of course not! They'd lose all those nice fees!

And what happens when you know that your account is going to overdraft and you go to your local branch and give them CASH to put in your account? At my previous bank, they would immediately credit your account with this money to prevent unnecessary charges. Does BB&T do this? Absolutely not! Why then they wouldn't be able to charge you hundreds of dollars in fees!

My husband and I trusted this bank with our hard-earned money, and they have failed us. I would never recommend putting any amount of money with this institution.

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  • Ma
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    I completely agree. I am a college student, and my parents fill up my account every once in a while. I usually get anywhere from $75-$100 a week; however, it seems like a great majority of that money usually ends up going to the overdraft fees that I've unknowingly accrued over the course of the week. This overdraft is, of course, followed by the angry phone call from my parents telling me I'm irresponsible and squandering their money. They must think I enjoy getting only half of my allowance in the face of overdraft fees. The sad part is, my parents don't understand that it's really not me being irresponsible, but rather, it's the FACT that I call bbt24 (which they claim is "oh so reliable") or check my balance online and it tells me I have money that APPARENTLY I just don't have. I didn't realize until now that other people were having problems like I was. I just figured I was just as irresponsible as my parents made me out to be. But really, if we can fly to the moon, we [or BBT] should be able to update my freakin' balance. None of my other friends have BBT accounts, and it's ironic, because none of them ever have problems with overdraft fees either, and I know -- for a fact -- that they aren't any more responsible with their money than I am. BBT cheats people. End of story.

  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me. Not a good way to keep customers. I'll never work with them again. Hiding a cash cow by calling it credit protection is embarrassing.

  • Ta
      19th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If you just balance your checkbook like you should, you will not incur any problems. Stop blaming the bank for your own negligance...Its amazing people spend more money than they have and admit to it( even $1.00) and are shocked and amazed that they are charged a fee. Get over it and take some responsibility...for God's sake!

  • Ka
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    I balance my checkbook. I know that this morning I had $877.23 and last night, I deposited $1, 685.34. Now, I knew the deposit last night would not clear until Saturday, but no big deal.
    I did some errands, shopped a bit . I went to one store to purchase $52.00 worth of items and my card was declined!
    It ws late at night and I had left my cell phone at home, so I swung by a BBT ATM to check my balance. My knees went week when I saw a deficit of $1, 100 !! Shaking, I drove home and called the 800 number hysterical!
    It was explained to me that because the deposit was made at an ATM after hours that THEY HAD PUT A DOUBLE HOLD ON MY ACCOUNT!!! He did assure me that there would be no overdraft fees, but that I should not deposit my money in an ATM...and by the way, they decided not to clear the check until Monday, just because they can !!!
    Well, when they do, I'll be waiting to pull it all out and find another bank!!!

  • Th
      9th of Sep, 2009
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  • Bg
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Um...unless you give them the OK to do so, they can't just take from another account to cover an overdraft - you have to let them do so first.

    The exception is when an account has been overdrawn for a significant amount of time (usually a month) - then "right of offset" kicks in, but that's to prevent loss, that's not a courtesy overdraft protection type of thing.

    However, if you overdraft "today" they can't just randomly debit another account to cover it.

  • Dc
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    BB&T are big ripoff artists in my opinion! I went into the bank after getting nowhere with their "so-called" customer service. I thought for sure that if I showed them my bank ledger in black and white there would be no way they could refute the charges. But, of course, they found a way to manipulate the situation to their advantage. They still have not explained the illegal overdraft charges to my satisfaction. They gave me some crazy explanation about how a charge was held and then posted to my account causing the negative balance. However, the bottom line is that the money was in the account to cover all of my transactions. In my world, you subtract the debits from the credits and that leaves your available balance. But, that's not how it works in BB&T's world! They had me so confused and frustrated that I left the bank, with a promise that they might be able to give me a refund of partial overdraft charges, but ONLY if I signed up for a credit line of overdraft protection. GIVE ME A BREAK!! How can these people sleep at night???

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