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I have been banking with BB&T for several years, I have never written a "bad check", not have I been overdrawn until this year. Since March of 2008, I have been charged 13 overdraft fees at $35.00 each because BB&T has the RIDICULOUS practice of only crediting $100.00 per deposit(of a check, even if it's a payroll check!!!) They are stealing millions of dollars, charging fees on debits of as little as $1.00. This has to be stopped, please help! I will join a classaction suit if anyone knows of one.

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  • Me
      Mar 09, 2009

    My daughter had over draft fees charged to her. She had two charges for Shoppers that BB&T says they were holding, so when her Itunes charge from 2 weeks ago got posted it over drafted her account, which we agree is correct provided they held the shoppers pending charges. Well Shoppers comes through and they charged her $35.00 over draft fee each. Remember they were holding the money from her account for these charges. So we questioned them as to where the money they were holding for Shoppers went, they then said they didn't hold the money, so we then said if you weren't holding the money then you should not have over drafted her account for the Itunes because the money would have been there to cover that and one Shoppers charge. They then changed their story and said they did hold the money. So we were back to Where Is The Money You Held For The Shoppers Charges!! No answer and since we have been pushing on this they will not talk to us anymore, So...

    I have given this story to Dateline, reported them to the FDIC and the OCC and made copies of complaints and mailed them to the Board of Directors of BB&T. If anyone wants to step up and add to the story on Dateline do so, if you just complain, switch banks and stop there they will keep doing this, We need to fight and show them we are not ignorant depositors and they are wrong for taking our hard earned money ..
    If interested in Dateline or a classaction suit email me, I will not stop until they stop doing this..
    My email: [protected]

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  •   Mar 14, 2009

    They do tell you that you only $100 up front and the rest at midnight.

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  • Dc
      Nov 20, 2009

    Another thing that BB&T does, besides posting charges BEFORE deposits, is total the amount of charges that are posting to determine if NSF charges apply. For example, if you have $100 in your account and five charges that total $101.00 post, they hit you with an NSF fee for EACH charge. Therefore, you receive $175.00 in NSF charges, when four of the five items would have cleared. Sure, one should have bounced and you get a $35.00 NSF charge, but to bounce all five? There has to be something illegal about that... And they have no problem admitting that they do that.

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  • Ch
      Jan 09, 2010

    I am having the exact same problem. They have charged me with a total of $665.00 overdraft fees. I have called and complained, they esculated my call to a supervisor who was to call me back in 48 hours, that was 2 weeks ago. When I call to check they charge me $2.00 a phone call. They have ripped me off for the last time I want to take them down. I am tired of them stealing my hard earned money. What can I do!!!

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  • Do
      Mar 24, 2010

    For the past six months, BB&T has been bilking me out of my money; charging me these so-called "overdraft" fees to the tune of $200.00 per month. In March however, they took the proverbial "cake". This crooked bank is attempting to charge me four of these bogus, so-called "overdraft" fees for only one "overdraft" transaction. I filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Banks and the Attorney Generals Office in Raleigh but I'm really not expecting much action from them. The only thing we, as consumers, can do that will really get these greedy, unscrupulous banks to stop these unlawful practices is band together and sue their ### in a class action!!

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  • St
      Apr 29, 2010

    Filing formal complaints to get real results

    Federal Reserve Bank Complaint Department

    US Treasury Department - Office of Comptroller of Currency

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  • Pu
      Aug 02, 2010

    This is what BB&T does to you...even though you have the money, ...they take it anyway...they stole our money is the proof, right off of the statement. who will explain this one, and will BB&T take responsibility...We can't keep letting them steal our money..this has got to stop now!


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    Your account had insufficient funds to pay three item(s). BB&T paid the following item(s).

    IMAGE EXCHAN2175 $400.00
    BB&T CHECK CARD PURC07-29-10 MOBILE AL 2845 $15.69
    BB&T CHECK CARD PURC07-30-10 MOBILE AL 2845 $3.73

    Total Item Amount : $419.42


    $105.00 $894.98
    07/30/2010 POS BB&T CHECK CARD PURCHASE-PIN 07- 30-10 MOBILE AL 2845 CLARK OIL # 25 $3.73
    07/30/2010 POS BB&T CHECK CARD PURCHASE-PIN 07- 29-10 MOBILE AL 2845 CLARK OIL # 25 $15.69
    07/30/2010 Check 2175 CHECK #2175 View $400.00
    07/30/2010 Deposit DEPOSIT $996.39
    07/29/2010 POS BB&T CHECK CARD PURCHASE-PIN 07- 29-10 MOBILE AL 2845 CLARK OIL # 25 $7.80 $423.01

    423.01 was our balance...I deposited money early that morning...wrote 400.00 check later in afternoon..which had enough to cover with 423.00, even with that, the total of the three charges is 419.42...still enough to cover payment...even shows deposit was made first...and we had the money to cover it anyway before the deposit was made that around 930 am. Why? They just stole our money...I am at a loss with this...I am in my forties and have never dealt with a bank that just outright steals...I am in shock...someone help me understand this please.

    Note: Transactions are paid from your Available Balance at the time of posting consistent with payment guidelines in your Bank Service Agreement.

    Available Balance: The amount of money you have to draw upon. Your Available Balance does not include funds that are being held.
    Posted Balance: The amount of money posted in your account after final nightly processing is completed.
    Daily Posted Balance: Your posted balance after nightly processing is completed. Transactions are paid from your Available Balance consistent with BB&T payment guidelines. That balance may be different than your Posted balance from the preceding day.

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  • Si
      Oct 27, 2015

    We are in the same boat, they have taken a total of $3000.00 from in in just 4 months. My husband gets paid weekly and I get paid no bi weekly. When our checks hit, I pay bills and keep record of everything spent and the totals. Except that every week without fail, we are hit with over draft fees. When I inquired about it, I am told that my pending were more then what was available. Excuse me? When I calculate everything, there is enough money in the account to cover them all, plus leave some. My husband says it is my error in my math. Yet, I can account for every penny spent. This is ridiculous! I just went on to verify my check registry only to find our account is $445 over drawn. Even though his $600 paycheck was put in and we only spend $350 of it. I am sick of this crap, we can't get ahead and are struggling to make ends meet, and a month we make $3000, so we shouldn't be having issues. Thanks to BB&T we can't. They need to stop now.

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