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they will flat ruin you!

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I have had access to my direct-deposited funds on the same day, but the online banking is a big problem. It is true that you cannot know your actual balance online, particularly if you use the debit card. It seems the balance only reflects a nominal portion or maybe a percentage of the actual amount debited and it won't post the full amount or where it went to until 2-3 days later. So those funds look online like they're available to you, but you'll get burned with fees later when you find out that the balance is entirely inaccurate.

I deposited a payroll check from a second job, as well as a state tax refund check on Wednesday morning and it wasn't credited until Thursday. And here's the fun part, which I'm battling with them on at the moment:

At my full-time job I have direct deposit, am always paid on Fridays, and I use their online bill pay set up to have all my bills come out on payday Fridays. I discovered this morning that they changed my payment date on all my currently due bills to THURSDAY. I didn't tell them to do that. They didn't send me an email to let me know anything about why I might need to check my payment dates and make changes. They just changed it. So, of course now I am hit with nasty overdraft fees because they paid my bills out of my account on Thursday but of course my payday didn't change, I still got paid on Friday.

This is theft, and I told them so.

I am done with BB&T. They will flat ruin you. They don't credit your deposits until after they pull your debits, so this is another way they get rich off of responsible, hardworking people who think that once they make their deposit that they should have access to their money (in this day and age, when they can make automatic deductions the second you write a check, there is no excuse for there not to be). It's just wrong.
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A  9th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am following the advice of Anonymous and am pursuing complaints with these agencies. It is slow going, because BBT answers the enquiries with character defamation (libel in the form of a letter from a bank vice president who wasn't there), making false statements about my behavior in the bank one day rather than addressing the matter at hand. As I read FDIC Consumer Protection regulation 6500, when a bank puts a deposit on hold, they cannot collect NSF fees on that account if they have not previously informed the consumer specifically in writing at the time of the deposit.

While they have committed many egregious acts against me, the charging of NSF fees when a deposit is on hold alone without the proper notice, is an act in which they have probably taken miliions of dollars from unwary consumers. I am talking with an attorney about class action, and we may focus on this act alone or on many more.

Be prepared for a dirty fight but don't give up. If you need social support in your fight against BBT, please email me. If you have been charged NSF fees after they put your deposit on hold, I would like to hear from you and maybe put you in touch with people who are pursuing this issue if you are interested.

But whatever you do, or they do, don't give up. Remember the Gadsden flag of the American Revolution--"Don't tread on me".

Don't tread on me, BBT .
A  1st of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am going through the same troubles with BBT. When I opened my account at BBT I deposited money in savings and checking. A red flag should have gone up the first month of banking with BBT, when the over draft fees started rolling in. My account was negative over $300.00 due to the fact that they deposit the wrong amounts in the wrong accounts. I should have taken my money and ran, but decided to give them a chance to rectify the situation. Which they did in this instance. I then opened an online account and set up an automatic bill payment plan. I was careful to read all of the fine print to make sure I knew what dates the payments would clear my account. All of my payments were two day processing and it stated clearly that the funds would not come out of my account until the day of delivery. All was well for a few months and then I started getting hit with over draft fees on pending bill payments. I went directly into the bank to find out what went wrong. They explained that the funds were held on the day of processing and showed me where it explained this online. Newly updated due to complaints, I am sure, because it never stated that when I set up my bill payment. Even with this explanation, it made no sense to me that if I deposited cash before 2:00 pm on the processing day why I was still being charged over draft fees. I would understand if a check had to clear but this was cash and should post to my account that day. Instead they ignored the cash deposited and charge me over draft even though I had an available balance. I asked if they could possibly credit the fees this time since I was not notified that there would be a hold put on my funds. I was told no due to the fact that I had so many refunded over draft fees already on my account...due to BANK ERROR when I opened my account!
A  15th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I would like to write their corporate office/board of Directors but can't seem to find an address anywhere. During the weekend I wrote a check and did a Pos the Pos tansaction was deducted from my account balance immediately. My direct deposit was posted the same night these transactions hit my account. I had two overdraft fees. I was told the posting was done from highest debt, then direct deposit posted. This is a rip off, one the credit(direct deposit) should have been posted first them the Pos and check. At the very least I could accept one overdraft for the check. It is still confusing to me the funds were subtracted from the balance at time of Pos but during posting it was redone and the funds were applied to the check, it just isn't right, does anyone else out there understand me.
A  2nd of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
We have saving & checking accounts with BB&T for years, and they always find some ways to charge you with all kinds of fee. Recently, I found out there were some problems with my accounts, and they charged me $2 by calling their service line more than twice in a month. These fees tell you how much BB&T would like to serve you. I was too lazy to change bank before even though I was not satisfy with BB&T, and the $2 service fee certainly gave me the motivation... Don't choose BB&T!!
A  1st of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I've been going through te same thing that the original postee complained about. When I switched to online banking, that's when the trouble began. Several months now, I've had problems with over-drafts and I did not in the past. The system is set up to stiff you.

This past month, charged $105 in overdraft fees was the straw that broke the camel's back.

They had the information from the telephone company that a charge (I was not informed) was coming through. They keep it a secret and hidden from you for two (or more) days! So you think, "Oh I'm safe to draw out 60 for my daughter." What you get is hit with 105 in fees... even though the night before, it said you were in the positive with 90 bucks, and a check for 112 coming through direct deposit.
That transaction that was coming through, NEVER even showed up in the "Pending" section... it just *bang* shows up as processed and you're screwed out of $105 in overdrafts.

Ripping people off is why they with-hold information. Never do Automatic Drafts, unless there's no other choice, and #2 don't ever trust online banking figures. They're lies. They will cash a check on your account, and keep it secret for 2 or more days, then it pops up one day in your posted transactions, without warning. Hidden from the consumer... just itching you believe their misleading figures, so you'll go out and write a check on money BB&T KNOWS you don't have any more in your account.

It's fraud. They should be sued because their claim about "up to the minute" reports on online banking is a big, fat lie. It's fraud.

They know! And they deliberately with-hold important information that affects your decisions. They're getting filthy rich on blood-money, they stole from widows and the poor.
A  2nd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am uploading a video to youtube, showing how the Security personnel lied to me. The entire attempt to close out my account after they ripped me off for $105... they were RUDE to me. Let's get this correct... I AM THE VICTIM.

I'm sick of banks stiffing people for hundreds, then get nasty as if you, the consumer are the wrong-doer.


How BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) Rips Off Consumers and Lies At the Window to the Customer's Face

And no, there was so much hassle, I still didn't get the account closed. It's recorded folks, showing me at the window saying NO MORE CHARGES... I AM RECORDING FOR YOUTUBE... The account is still setting wide open waiting for BB&T to draft 25 bucks into a savings account I did not want and don't use, so they can stiff me out of another 35 on yet another overdraft fee (expecting that to hit sometime today or tonight). Waiting to see how much they'll bloodsuck me for before I can close out their fraud.
N  12th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
for $15 I was charged the over draft after my account was closed and debit card was cancelled, they are not able to tell where the debit card was used, as they had it cancelled . yet try to cheat my money threat me to damage my credit score. I have to pay $117 @ $35 /week and $15 for the purchase that I never made.
Banks cheat you cannot do any thing, they cheat for their lords make them rich when loose money public money save them to let them cheat public for ever.When profit only for few, otherwise curse for all. CITIZENS BANK cheated me we need a credit score for banks so that they cannot blackmail customers
N  17th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
A class action suit needs to happen fast! Not only is BBT ripping off customers, their employees tend to make it seem your fault.

Last December 2008 my husband and I went into the branch to dispute several overdraft fees. We asked that they show us a "running" balance on the account which showed we were NOT overdrawn. However, the manager came up with another accounting breakdown sheet (everything she gave me I kept) discussing postings and how the overdraft occured therefore contradicting their running balance sheet. Of course her explanation is - its our fault.

I decided to print out our internet statement EVERYDAY, faithfully, collect every receipt and transactions and keep it in a folder for every month - faithfully. What did I discover - the balance that I kept vs their internet statement never matched, the call center from the 800 # always has a different explanation than the branch, the lack of them not providing a running balance is a definative red flag that they are scamming people and if you use you debit card the evening before a direct deposit even if you know you have the cash in you account, it somehow gets twisted to charge you for an overdraft. Also when you try to discuss any discrepancies with your branch - the end result is a rushed scenerio ending with them blaming you for how you use your account.

I am making copies of my ledgers and writing the president of this bank and the banking commissioner of my state. I will also copy the compaints from this site as it is evident that BBT is not being honest with its customers.
A  18th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I do 98% of all my banking on line. As a result I too am being victimized by there poor system of tracking my transaction. I've complained that there should be a report of what payments have been issued but not cashed as yet. This is also a problem with the Wachovia online banking system. I just bounced, by debit card, 2 transactions that overdrew my account by 20 plus dollars. They sent me a postcard that stated the overdraft AND the 2 $30 overdraft fees. The card never said that I was on a 7 day timeline which would result in additional $30 fee. I issued a payment, online, to cover the original advisory. I then received a notification that I missed the 7 day window, thus an additional $30. I checked back on line to see what was happening to the issued payment. So far, all I know it was issued, but not cashed. Answer is pending an inquiry. When I described the above situation to a Services Rep., I had expected a sympathetic ear regarding my problem. I was treated to the party line, oO REFUND. Bottom line, I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT.
N  20th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes

I've had similar problems with this and other banks. I know the sinking feeling of realizing that you're going to pay $39.00 for a cup of coffee or something like that, and it's even worse if you charged a bunch of stuff and you had no idea you were overdrawn. Fortunately BB&T does offer a few solutions that have been helpful for me. I haven't received an overdraft charge for a number of years (and I used to get them frequently).

BB&T offers a service called 'constant credit'. Basically they give you a small credit line (~$500) and add it to the list of active accounts you have open when you view your online statement. They then configure your checking account so that in the event that you overcharge the account, the overage will be withdrawn directly from your constant credit account in the necessary amount. This means that you won't get charged an overdraft fee when you overcharge. You can then simply pay back the balance of the constant credit account as soon as you can. There are no fees for this service (at least there aren't for me).

If you happen to have a savings account, BB&T can also configure your checking account to automatically withdraw money from savings when you overdraft. This also translates into no fees for overdrawing your checking account.

I've found these services to be very helpful, and I would encourage you to enquire at your local branch about getting them added.

Now for the crappy part: I've recently discovered that BB&T has begun charging 'foreign ATM fees' of $2.00 a pop for withdrawing cash from a non-BB&T ATM. This is in addition to whatever fee the ATM's owner charges. So you could end up being charged $4-$5 just to withdraw some cash. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THIS IN MIND! BB&T has very few ATMs in my city, so this is going to make things even more inconvenient for me.


N  20th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
One more thing to add. I do not do 'online banking'. I know a number of you do and that's where your troubles are coming from. I tend to find that absolutely everyone I owe money to has a free online payment system, so I use my debit card (having made sure there is money in my account to cover my charges) to pay my bills on the various bill collection web sites. It takes me about 10 minutes a month to go through them all, and in return I don't have to worry about BB&T screwing something up with my balance. The only thing that is automatically withdrawn from my account is my mortgage, and that is done on the mortgage company's end rather than from BB&T. I know juggling accounts manually involves more work that letting BB&T do it, but it might be a helpful alternative to overdraft fees if you're having problems with them.


A  21st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm just glad to read all of the comments. I too bank with BB&T and thought I was crazy, they managed to convince me that each time these events happened, as you all have stated, were completely my fault. I am extremely appreciative of all that you have shared and am working to get my money out of BB&T as soon as possible.
A  3rd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Whoa people...am I GLAD to find you!!! We just left BB&T two weeks ago; we could NOT stomach their stealing anymore! It is beyond ridiculous - it's low-life theft! We have been with them for over 4 years after getting SICK of Bank of America...another ### bank.

When we first began banking with BB&T all went well. In the last couple of years we've been hit and I mean hit HARD due to their underhanded practices that they kept trying to explain away...get THIS; I directly asked them when transactions post at night does the deposit post first or the transactions? I was told the deposit posts first. This information can be very valuable to those of us that have to watch our accounts carefully because our "millions" are in our Swiss bank account (being sarcastic). Ok, so time goes on and it becomes VERY clear that something is amiss with their claim. We get hit for charges and I call and clearly ask them why there are charges when the deposit should post first?? Keep in mind this had been happening for a bit and I felt horrible thinking I had messed up our account...SURELY it couldn't be the BANK!! I was told that they "changed their policy" and transactions post FIRST now. I asked when that happened and why wasn't I informed? Oh...it was in teeny fine print at the bottom of our bank statement at a random time when they chose to change the rules quite some time ago. Well...keeping this new-found info in mind, I tried to be extremely careful. That was their first strike...

As our account seemed to continually decline over and over; we continued to pay an INCREDIBLY ridiculous amount in overdraft fees...all the while I am stressing and in tears thinking that I have lost my ability to manage our account well. Hubby's paycheck would get swallowed up and we would have little or nothing to live on. Ok, so one day I am keeping close tabs on every penny and find that we have 4 transactions that are going to hit before the paycheck can be deposited. Knowing the "new rule" on deposits, I did the math and thought ..."well shoot...we have plenty to cover three of them but that last one, well, we're going to have to take the hit." Much to my surprise the next morning...we had taken 4 HITS at $35.00 a pop!! I immediately got on the phone and asked WHY did they not cover the 3 transactions when there was more than enough funds to do that??? There was NO explanation. I was looking at our account online while I was talking to them and realized the amounts had been "stacked and packed" highest first to lowest...but OF COURSE!! They get more frikkin' money that way and all the while I thought it was ME!!! I asked the lady WHY they took the largest amount first to throw it out of whack and she fumbled her words...no explanation. I told her it looked deliberate to me and accused them of doing it on purpose. You could tell in her tone of voice she knew that is EXACTLY what they do; but wouldn't confess the ugly truth. We put hubby's paycheck in and it was quickly reduced to a much lower amount.
That was strike two...

Then just recently we had a mishap with the US mail that caused a real banking problem. The trouble was, instead of denying our card because of no funds, which at the time we were unaware (and I have ALWAYS HATED this part of BB&T), instead of helping people protect themselves when the unknown DOES happen, they STILL LET YOU RUN THAT CARD to rack up charges. It makes me SICK!! For the first time in 20 years I had to ask my Dad for a little help and I was frantic and in tears. I told my Dad the day we met for me to get the $, "You know what sucks Daddy? We're in the hole BAD and I could walk in that store right now, slide that card for a pack of gum and BB&T would let it go through and charge me $35.00 for buying that pack of gum." Now, we did not KNOW at the time that our deposit was depleted by charges. Sometimes $%#^ happens and they DO NOT IN ANY WAY help the customer protect themselves if it does happen. We did not intentionally/knowingly slide that card (why would we - that gets pricey!!?) aware of what was happening.
That was strike three...they're out!!

These disgusting people that run this bank to make a buck off of struggling, hard working, honest people make me SICK!! They will let you slide that blasted card all day long just to get more $$$. We paid SO many charges due to their "new rules" with deposits posting last, their "stack 'em and pack 'em" from high to low and then they nearly killed us with allowing that stupid card to slide and slide, just racking up money all the while. They are parasites and they knowingly allow people to use their cards all they while allowing them to dig a hole they cannot possibly climb out of...we paid plenty of charges trying to "abide" by bank rules...oh gosh if we had a small part of that in our NEW bank right now. Our new bank, by the way, posts deposits FIRST!!! Gotta love 'em!

I AM READY TO GET PAID BACK BY THE BANK because they don't abide by human rules; they are run and motivated by greed...and all the poor people out there they are feeding off of just making them millions... here is a link I found while researching class action and BB&T - go there and give them your story; they are investigating it now. I'm on my way over there now. Best of luck to us all...it's time good people got the upper hand for a while.

A  13th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been banking with BB&T for about a year and a half now and I can't believe how unscrupulous their practices are. Today is the last day that I play this ridiculous game with them. I got hit with $210.00 in NSF fees that was a cause of their crappy online billpay service. Then as my account sat negative, there were 5 other transactions that were in pending transactions so in order to avoid them hiting me again, I came up with some extra cash to cover the megative amount plus the upcoming charges. I deposited the money before 2pm yesterday and when I checked my balance it showed a positive balance. Good to go right? No. This morning the jerks charged me $175.00 for the pending transactions even though I deposited cash. This is the last straw. I am going there and fighting these charges and I will be closing this acount this week. I used to bank with Bank of America and I must admit not even they were this bad.
A  20th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I need help with the same problems that I have had with BBT. If anyone could send me information for some help, please let me know. This is my case:

I charge $6 on the 12th.
I charge $3 on the 13th.
I pay a bill for $200 on the 14th.

They deduct the $200 first which would overdraw my account, and THEN they deduct the $6 and $3 afterwards which accrues me $115 in overdraft fees instead of going in order of the charges and only getting a $35 overdraft fee.
A  22nd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
The practice of debits before credits just burned me again but this time it was even done with a transfer between accounts. Last night I noticed I was overdrawn on my checking account and that I had items pending in from some bills I paid online so I transfered $1000 from savings. When I made thr transfer everyting looked fine, the overdraft and pending items were covered and the credit = remainder of the transfer. My available was in the black . I did this to avoid any fees becasue of the debits before credits. (I also had a direct deposit pending) .
This morning the available is still in the black but what do you know, currnt -$1, 000, $210 in overdraft fees and I am shocked. It looks like they are now holding transfers between savings and checking, do debits before credits and make sure they take your money no matter what!!!

Are there any class actions aginst BB&T?
A  28th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
BBT is definitely the worst bank to deal with. They are so cold and impersonable. They are always after extra fees and they definitely will not help you if you need help. Due to a divorce, my husband left me holding the bundle. I could not pay mortgage and he was not helping. The house would not sell and managed to get a short sale. They refused to mark off the minimal excess money owed. I see some banks marking off 50, 100, 200K. We didn't owe near that!!! But not BBT. Instead they wanted to drain me paying 1300 a month in interest, refusing to give me lower rate (I was paying 7%) when others getting 5%. They even got Obama bailout. Awww, that was all just for their big dog's salaries. Then when I handed them the key, they are insisting on me still paying insurance and upkeep on the house. Now they want a promissarty note for remainder owed. My ### X is wheedling his way out of it and they are trying to bankrupt me. I have pulled all my funds out of BBT and will never ever deal with them again!! They have also been extremely hateful to me on the phone and harrassing me daily. One person not know what the other tells you and they tell lies and do not keep their word. The mortgage department in NC is the worst!!
A  16th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Wow I'm very relieved to see I'm not the only one... 3 months ago I emptied my checking account at the bank IN PERSON, to pay rent. I asked if I needed to keep a certain amount in the account to keep it open, she said no. After that Friday, I didn't touch the account for 2 weeks. I happened to sign in to my online banking and was suddenly $90 overdrafted in my checking and $60 in my savings. I was never told specifically why. The answers were always vague, such as "There was a pending charge, maybe a check written?" I don't write checks, folks. Too lazy. BB&T will suck you in with their pleasant employees and gimmicks, but soon enough, everyone and their wallets will know the truth.
A  31st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have experienced much of the same practices as these previous complaint. False balancing, posting debits before credits, mysterious charges, changes to my checking and savings accounts without my permission or any notification of a change which in turn would cause new fees to be charged to the accounts. And even in the process of getting these fees sorted out. To avoid fees I needed to make deposit to a savings account once a month. I set this up to be automatically done through the bank manager. Still was charged fees on both accounts even with the automatic transfer. Come to find out the Bank manager didn't know the correct amount of $ that needed to be transferred each month. One of the other employees had to correct her and I actually thought they might come to blows! They really got into a heated debate. Since then I stopped using these accounts and only use them sparingly. I opened a credit union account and they have given me excellent service and are really friendly unlike my BBT branch in VA.
N  29th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
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