BB&Taccount in negative/never got money back

On the 6th of december 2014 (which was a saturday) i ordered some pizza off my debit card. However before i ordered the pizza my balance in my account was about $185. So everything went through as far as transaction wise goes but pizza hut canceled the order and called me and let me know that they canceled it because they just saw that my area was a no delivery zone. Since it was after 12 on a saturday i knew the bank that i branch with was already closed by now so i waited to call them because i wanted to see if it was still going to say pending or if it was going to still take the money out. So monday i called the walmsley branch in richmond because when i awoke i got a text from my bb&t debit card letting me know that my new posted balance...not my available balance but my posted balance is about $153 which if you do the math that means the money was taken out. Because the $25.80 would not have been in the negative under debit and it did not have the pending letter next to it anymore so i called and spoke with the only black lady at that branch and i explained to her the situation. She looked in my account and saw that i had -$25.80 and it was not pending anymore it was actually taken out. So that lady was very apologetic about the situation so she said she will hand the issue over to her manager and have them call me back. I did not get a call back all week so i waited till friday to call them again because i wanted to give the manager time to look at the issue but when i called i was redirected again but again they agreed that they saw my issue in the system. So i still dont get a call all next week so i call them again but on that saturday morning and spoke with ms. Guadalupe who works at the walmsley branch and she was so nasty to me. I explained that someone was working on my case and she explained to me very nastily that there is not even any transactions on that day showing up in my account. I remind you i had 2 other transactions from earlier that day on the 6th from family dollar and the bp gas station and those are no longer there either. She could not explain to me why that she continues to tell me either way if it was the banks fault or pizza hut (the store i ordered from that day) i was not getting any money back because as long as its not in there system they are not obligated to refund any money even if it was taken out. But i told her i still had the screenshots of my account where and when the money was taken out and it shows that the money wasnt pending anymore it was actually taken out so it didnt just drop off my account on its own because i wouldve had the original amount i started with before i ordered the pizza i never got. And she replied "oh well since its not in the system we dont have to pay you, your pictures dont mean anything unless its in our system" and hung up on me. So i called corporate with the complaints and explained to them the issue and they apologized and said they were going to have aomeone look into it. I got a call that tuesday and they basically told me since my account no longer shows record of this incident they cant do anything but assume that it dropoed off and nothing was taken out...even though i have proof all they could say is assume. So im thinking about banking with someone else because they give me the run around and im not gaining any money im losing it with them and they dont care. Now i have these hold adjustments on my checks but im being debited larger amounts of money that doesnt even add up to what i actually spent so theres another complaint.

Jan 19, 2015

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