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I am currently having issues with my bookings with barrhead travel.

i am frustrated that i was given a price when i originally booked which i wrote down and they are now trying to charge me more stating that this was the price i was given in the first place.
May last year i was given £1425pp then 1/2 price for 2nd person, they are now stating that I was given £1425 was the per person including the 1/2 price which is not the case.
They also said that 3 persons have said this cost to me so there is no way they could be lying.
i have 2 bookings which are linked, which should be 1425 + 712.5 = £2137.5 per room we then had a open booking of £75 per room and vouchers from our harmony sailing of £326 per room and a £50 loyalty voucher, which should leave an outstanding balance of £3423 for both rooms.
But Barrhead have sent us an invoice for £4840 giving a difference of £1417.

I have phoned Barrhead on many occasions but they refuse to agree that they have made a mistake and will not help in any way.
We have always gone through Barrhead so we know how they price cruises and I always write it down as they say it.

We have also phone Royal Caribbean who can not help as we have gone through a third party.

We had based our cruise on a specific budget and cannot afford the extra money required, unfortunately if this cannot be resolved we will have to cancel which would leave bad feeling with all involved.
Also if we cancel we will be losing out on the £150 deposit and the value of the vouchers which I feel will put me off booking again.

I am hoping you can help me resolve this, as I feel barrhead are implying I have lied and I feel they are covering for their employees mistake.

Best regards


Jan 29, 2017

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