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Barclay Credit Card / Ineffective card and bad usage

1 United States

The rules engine for card usage prohibits people from using this card. So many times, I've had this card declined because of some "security" reason. This even occurs in the same zipcode as my billing address. When I called to see what solution can be provided, they said there is nothing they can do short of me calling each time go out of my area ahead of time. Thatsince this happens even in my own billing zipcode, what do I do? The answer was "sorry for the inconvenience". After 40 minutes on the phone with them with 30 minutes of it being on hold while their figure out how to pull their head of their their [email protected]#$%!!

Then the account gets closed on me so when I tried using it later in the afternoon, it was declined yet again. Once again, back on the phone with them and they reinstated the card and I have to wait 24 hours before I can use it again. The response this time was "sorry ma'am, this is procedure. there is nothing we can do but wait 24 hours". NOTHING!!! Even when it was a mistake on their part.

ONCE AGAIN, I GET INCONVENIENCED!!! Oh, but if I want to complain, I can fax a letter to their fax number.

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