Bankers Life & CausalityCall and interview are misrepresentations ~ not true !!

This interview started with a call informing me that my resume had been selected and matched up to a position within their company. The position was "Administrative Coordinator". After providing some details as to my work history I was told I was a good fit. The lady then told me some things about the company which prompted me to ask is this a sales position ? That if it was then I was not interested because I had been in sales before (5yrs) and was not interested in returning. She said no. The Coordinator position was "salaried". I got 3 emails to confirm and to dress professionally (DUH !!) I did some research and read some reviews which got me to thinking but I thought I would check it out anyway. I arrived at the interview place and was in a classroom style setting with 5 other people. Listened to a man give a presentation on becoming a sales agent and selling products to Baby boomers and Seniors. Nothing about the coordinator position and nothing about being salaried only work hard and have a positive attitude and you will get great commissions. Ummm What the ?/!! I so wanted to leave but I didn't want to be rude. He ended his presentation with that people who write bad reviews about the company are failures and should not be in the business world. Well I am no failure. I was in the the same type business this company is and I left it because it can be very exciting in the beginning and start off wonderful but it slows down after bit and can be stressful. Remember no sales no commission and no money !! There were 3 other people there that got calls and were told similar things. They thought like I did what a waste of time and misrepresentation. Overall, unless you want to sell healthcare, 401K, and retirement products to seniors then don't bother going. Oh yeah the presentation is suppose to be and hour and a half ummmm NOT !! Try over 2 !!

Oct 03, 2013

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