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Resolved Trying to collect

My mother had an annuity with Bankers Life. She died on March 20, 2008.
Trying to collect has been an endurance test and night mare beyond description. I have
made many calls, written numerous letters, sent faxes, and FINALLY
on April 4, 2009, I collected the final payment.

Fortunately, I didn't need the money in a hurry but I think about people who
need to move or have big medical bills after the loss of a loved one. This would
be very inconvenient for them to have to go through.

There are people who would NOT KNOW how to fight for what is rightfully
theirs. There are those who would just give up. NOT ME! I stuck with it.

She had two long term care policies with Bankers and I am so thankful that
we didn't have to try to coll
ect for those. I assume it would have been a nightmare

At the time she took out her three policies, there were two Bankers agents
here in our town. NOW there are none because these men also became disillusioned
with Bankers policies.

BUT finally, my battle is over!

  • Cf
    cfdfireman1 Nov 25, 2009

    I'm going through the same thing. Calls to them are extremely frustrating, there are no supervisors to talk to and when told a supervisor will call you they never do.

    You never get the same story twice as to what is needed to get the money. It's always 20 days for processing but they find an excuse to not give it up and the 20 days processing starts over when you send them what they say they need.

    Total scam stay away!

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  • Ks
    ksprink Jan 04, 2010

    We've had similar experience with helping our parents get their money withdrawn. It took months to get them to recognize my husband and sister-in-law as POA on the various accounts. They finally sent a letter acknowledging the POA but when we tried to withdraw the money, they declined because they said that my sister-in-law wasn't the POA...even when we sent a copy of THEIR letter saying she was. Dealing with them is extremely stressful.

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Resolved Return of money

Let me start out by saying I have 9 policies with Bankers Life and Casualty. Some are life insurance policies and I had 1 income replacement policy. My husband and I have 2 bank accounts, he is on Social Security Disability his disability check goes into one bank and the other bank is where we have a checking account, well every month I would have to transfer mymoney from the one bank to the other bank to pay on my life insurance policies, so my agent, Julie Griffith in which she is a great. Well we decided to swith everything to come out automatically from my husbands bank account that the disability check goes into. Well Bankers Life and Casualty didn't get the paperwork in time so I received $175.00 plus in fees. So Since January 5th, 2009 I have been fighting to get these fees back. Well Julie, my agent finally go everthing approved after 30 days, so this stupid guy who works at the home office in Indiana, his name is Ryan Hitz told my agent that he was overnighting my check on Thursday, February 5, 2009. I did not receive the check on Friday, Saturday, Monday. I called Julie and told her that the check has not come. She called her boss and they got a hold of the head office, in which this idiot works, and he calls me on Tuesday, Febraury 10, 2009 and tells me that it was tooo late for him to overnight it on Thursday, so he mailed it out on Friday regulary mail. I am so livid, I can't believe that people can be so inconsiderate with other peoples money. I asked him if it was his money he would have wanted ASAP. It's not like its 5 or 10 dollars, you are talking about almost $200.00 plus all the long distance phone calls I am getting charged on my cell phone and home phone and everthing else. I get a call from my agent today, Wednesday, February 11, 2009 she tells me that the check was sent out Friday, February 6, and it was sent to my daughters house. I am even more mad that he would send my check to my daughters house because he was toooo lazy to look up my address. My daughters has a life insurance police in which I am the owner but becasuse she is 19, and does not live with me they had to use her address for her policy, so that was the address that this idiot, Ryan saw first to he just sent the check to her, in which she said that the check still hasn't gotten to her house. I told my agent that this Ryan should be held accountable for his stupidity and not caring about my money. I am really considering changing companies, but my situation is this, we have been with this company for 9 months and my agent is awsome, and if I leave this company she will be the one who loses out. I just want my money and compensated for all the greaf and aggreavation that I have endured. I told Julie that if they are willing to waive my charges for all my insurance policies for next month I will keep them as an insurance agency. I feel like I have really gotten jurked around for 36 days that they have not paid me my money. I want justice. I am going to write everyone I can and tell my story until I have been justified. Please contact me at [protected]

  • Su
    sunshine27 May 08, 2009

    While there is no excuse for what happened to you, when you change bank accounts, etc. these things take time. This was a terrible error on the part of the home office and rest assured that your agent really took care of you, and now look at how much you trust her. Give it time and see if this was an isolated incident.

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  • St
    stepitup Mar 29, 2010

    175.00 my mother got token for that time ten, just a 88 year old woman money just gone, and the office in germantown wi act just this was no money to the company and its been two years and I tried not to get so up set about it but what i will say is this about thie company RRRRRRUUUUNNNN don't do it put your money in the bank. let the goverment take care of you and your old age..

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Resolved Not senior friendly

Bankers Life Insurance has some unscrupulous agents going door to door selling life insurance to seniors. My mother is 74 years old and is easily confused. Anyone who has a ten minute conversation with her can tell. Two agents called my mother and told her they wanted to talk to her about Medicaid. They called and set up a time to talk to her. When they arrived they then explained what they wanted to talk to her about was actually life insurance. She said they were there for over two hours. They finally convinced her their life insurance was better than what she already had, even though the price was $89.00 more per month and the coverage amount was the same as what she had.

To make a long story short, I put a stop on the check she wrote, cancelled the insurance from Bankers and reinstated her old policy.

I tried unsuccessfully to reach someone at Bankers to question them but no one returned my calls until I told them I stopped the check and cancelled the policy, then I got two return calls.

One was from one of the agents who tried to convince me he deals with seniors all the time and my mother was fine and understood everything. I know my mother, she didn't understand any of what they were saying.

I believe they, Bankers, preys on seniors who don't have someone to watch over them. Thank God I am able to check in on my mom often.

  • Kr
    Kris Jaroka Sep 11, 2009

    My fiance had a home visit from Bankers Life Insurance. He was told that if he put $50, 000 in their bank he would receive $250.00 in interest every month. He is a senior, 72 years old. He actually believes this. My question is when did this company become a bank? Sounds like a scam to me. I need info before he signs the dotted line. Thank you

    Kris Jaroka
    Melbourne, Fl
    [email protected]

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  • Jh
    jhovah Jan 30, 2010

    sounds like he is signing up for an annuity, Bankers sells life insurance and annuities.

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