Bank Of America / heartless asset manager - robin ritter setaro

1459 Topo Canyon Rd., Santa Clarita, CA, United States

First off, I just want to say i'm homeless because of the heartless acts of robin ritter setaro, an asset manager at bank of america. As we all know, bofa can care less about people and their families and here's the proof. As a first time buyer, I have very limited savings to purchase my first home. I had an offer accepted on a house owned by bank of america, an reo property. The first problem was the property did not appraise for what bank of american listed for. Of course, they are greedy and wanted more money than what the actual values were in that neighborhood. The appraisal was also done by bofa, none the less, this asset manager, who couldn't actually sell real estate her self in the real world, who's dre license is not listed with a real estate broker, but on hold: http://www2. Dre. Ca.Gov/publicasp/pplinfo. Asp?License_id=[protected], set the price and regardless of the appraised value, wanted her made up dollar amount. After a month of going back and forth and after upper management finally approved the lower appraised value, we moved forward to closing. As we were about to close another issue came up, this time permit issues. Long story short, this asset manager, robin ritter setaro, who enjoys her off time relaxing by her swimming pool with her family and dog; trips to disneyland and the beach, enjoys her life on the backs of people who have lost their homes, because of asset managers like her don't care if someone needs to live in a house, felt it was necessary to not move forward, without our offer, unless my husband and I forfeit our $5, 000 deposit and sign it over to her as a penalty. I'm sure this is not legal, is it? As much money as she makes on these side deals she still lives in a crappy little house herself, take a look: Anyway, though we were suppose to close months ago, we had to move out of our apartment, where we lived for 11 years and moved in with my inlaws. Though we were staying with them temporarily it now appears that we are here much longer. Also, with most of our stuff in storage we have to pay for storage cost. It's truly amazing how these asset managers could care less. They only care about the numbers on the paper and not the actual people that wants what she has, a part of the american dream, a place to raise their family. Now I don't know what i'm going to do. I'm sure she sleeps just fine. As long as her christmas lights are on her house, life is fine. For years bofa has made money on this house and the difference for them pulling out on us and leaving us homeless was just a few thousand dollars. I guess robin ritter setaro felt she was making and saving bank of america money by not letting anyone live in this house, which has been vacant for over 1 year. Does anyone know a good real estate lawyer you could refer me to? I need to personally sue robin ritter setaro. It's amazing the incompetent people that bofa hires. They truly hire some heartless individuals. If you ever get robin ritter setaro as your asset manager, I would ask for someone else. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much. Beth s. - southern cali

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