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I open a, account with bank of america and put $20.00 in the account. I sent $15.00 out of my account with my atm card, it is showing that on my account. Then I looked at my account on-line and I had all of these overdraft fee's, for a program the bank said I singed up which I haven't. This protection program I didn't sign up for cost $38.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CA98 which wasn't in my account at the time. The bank charged me for the program and also started charging me overdraft fee's of $35.00 each almost as much as the program, I have 3 overdraft fee's of 35.00 for the same product I didn't order. Then I apply for a payday loan and the bank took the money and payed the overdraft fee's with it, which have my account at 0.00 I need help.

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      Nov 23, 2009

    I got a telemarketer call from Privacy Assist and was told they wanted to send me the information about the credit card protection program. I told them I do not want to buy that service. The telemarketer assured me there would not be any charges unless I sign up by returning the materials. I said OK, send it on.
    Two months later there is a surprise 7.99 charge on the VISA statement to privacy assist. I called PA and was told they could only credit one month and that there was a pending charge for the current month. I did call BOA Visa and they will credit me both months. Gee, that took 45 minutes of my life to do. How frustrating. I wish I had a recording of the original call. That was clearly illegal to sign me up for a service I clearly stated that I do not want. Next time, I will stop trying to be polite and just HANG UP.

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