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I am a bofa acct holder went to the bank cashed my check and did a deposit w my landlord business deposit card. I do this every month and there is never a problem. This time i put 980 in the acct for rent and the receipt came out and said 300. I immediately showed the manager the problem and was told it would fix itself at midnight. It is now 4 days later and not resolved. On top of that I was told there is nothing I can do because im not the acct hoder so i have no proof my rent was paid.


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      Oct 24, 2009

    Bank of America has been a growing headache. These results of this company has been poor customer service, arguing over fees that are not to be placed, and stating that if you deposit a check before 8pm it will clear on your account the same day.

    Given the current financial predicament of most banks, many of them are losing money through their credit card services--either through the increase of fraud claims, or through the increasing delinquency rates. To still remain profitable within their consumer banking division, they are raising red flags in my book, by extending holding periods of checks, or saying your check is deposited in this ATM before 8pm it will be in your account the same night. For the last two months, I have had several issues with this firm, in excess of $300 dollars charged for overdraft fees because there was an error with their system ... eventually it was reversed but it took days to get it cleared.

    Two days ago, I deposited my weekly check of $x dollars and expected to have it for the weekend. I have books to buy, errands to take care of, and long behold, the check was not cleared. I was given multiple excuses by the bank of america (it is waiting to be processed ... it is a weekend ... it is due to the size of the check ... it is due to the atm ...) Well, I have done this same check before and it has not been a problem until today. I have deposited at the same atm, and I have certain obligations to take care of. Well, then the representative said as a bank we reserve to put the bank on holdwhenever we please.

    At the end of the day, I realized three things about the companies. One: they are lying. Two: poor customer services. Three: they want to charge you fees. So if they put your checks on holds for 3-5 days you are more than likely to go over your limit (assuming you do not have credit card), therefore they win and we lose.

    What a shame.

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      Apr 14, 2010

    I put 900 cash on Bank of America ATM today and the receipt said 300 deposit. my 600 is missing, ?! I run inside the bank and asked this nicec lady and she put me on the phone call to talk to the ATM complain office, the girl was saying strongly that they were sorry for this mistake and for sure my missing 600 will be covered by tmrw morning 7am. I ll go check my accout if they keep their words, or if they are just running away from their own mistakes. This is redicurous, only in America, this type of stupid error occurs. Is US really an one of the developed country?!?!?! i doubt.

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      Aug 20, 2010

    I just had almost the exact same thing happen to me. Their ATM shorted me nearly $600 on a cash deposit I made. They keep telling me that they will get the issue resolved, but truely don't seem to be overly concerned. So let me ask you this...did your problem ultimately end up getting fixed

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      Oct 09, 2010

    I have had my mortgage with BOA for 4 years now. In Feb 2009 I started getting calls from the their collection department saying that I had missed a payment in Dec 2008. I produced the dated receipt from the branch showing the payment was payed on time. I thought the issue was settled until I got a call at work saying the Jan 09 payment was late. Again I had a receipt for that payment too. This went on until April 2009. Each month they would call saying I missed the previous month payment. Finally I had to go to my bank and fax them copies of cancelled check for 6 months showing each payment was made on time. They finally sent me a letter saying they had made a mistake. Last week I got a late notice from them saying my September payment had not been made. I called them again with receipt in hand and they admitted that my payment had been made on time but that my April 09 payment had been 2 weeks late!!! They want me to fax them copies of the cancelled check to drop the late fee. Here we go again. Lucky for me my person saving and checking are at US bank. I would not trust BOA [censor]s handling my accounts. I am going to have to refi to get away from these Idiots. Stay away from BOA. They cannot handle a simple transaction without messing it up . Then you have to jump through hoops to clear up their mess and clear your name.

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      Oct 18, 2010

    i put in a cash deposit of $600 into a BofA atm and the screen said you just deposited $500 instead of $600. i took the receipt and ran inside and they told me i had to call the 1-800. i did and they issued me a $100 credit but said it would take 6 weeks for them to check the atm and resolve the claim.

    i just now got the letter in the mail and it said they never found any extra cash in the atm so they are taking the $100 back out of my account. i just did a few google searches and see a lot of cases like this. i really feel like they could be scamming with this and if no one posts or complains they will get away with it. i am going to post my story along with others on as many sites as i can find and also file a complaint with the BBB.

    i know i put in $600, but because it is my word against theirs i will never see that money again. such a terrible feeling and unless i speak out, this will continue to happen to others for a long time.

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      Feb 28, 2011

    Recently I made a cash deposit at an ATM. I didn't have a deposit slip with me. I tried to go inside the bank to a live teller because it was cash. I know that I was on camera with $200.00 cash at that point. The live teller told me that they switched my account to ebanking (meaning that I had to go to the ATM to make the deposit because that was the type of account I had to only use the ATM). She assured me that this is done all the time and they never lose a cash deposit in the ATM. So, I had to use the ATM machine. I explained that I did not want to deposit cash into the ATM. The live teller directed me to the ATM machine outside. I was also told that I did not need a envelope for a cash deposit.

    I went to the ATM outside and proceeded to make the deposit for $200.00. The machine had two areas for deposits. One area for cash and one area for checks. I was not sure where to put the cash. I saw a location that said cash and I put the money there. Therefore, I did not put the cash in the correct place and I did not get a receipt. I put the cash in to area that said cash but I guess it was the cash output area and not the cash input area. I tried to get the money back from the incorrect slot. I was able to fish out $40.00 but I could not get back the $160.00. I immediately went back into the bank. I was very upset and I started crying. I had just got laid off and I could not afford to lose money. Deep down I knew that I would never see that money again.

    I was told to call the Customer Service line and they said they would temporarily deposit the money in my account until the investigation was completed. I just got a letter from Bank of America and I was told that the cash was not found.
    I asked several times for the bank to check their video cameras. I went to a live teller to make the deposit initially to put the cash in the account. They could plainly see me with the money.
    I never heard back from Customer Service. I received a letter in the mail stating the investigation was over. They would be charging my account.
    So I had the case re-opened. I still haven't heard from Customer Service. And have never received any information detailing how they did their investigation. And my money has not been re-deposited in my account.
    My theory is they have dis-honest employees.

    Enough is enough. I feel like a lot of poor innocent people are being taken advantage of.
    I am contacting an attorney tomorrow to see what my rights are.
    Arlene McClain

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      Apr 15, 2011

    I went to a Bank of America today to deposit $500 (4 $100 bills and 5 $20 bills) in the ATM for the first time ever. I got a message saying that it could not verify all my funds and it gave me a receipt saying that only $300 was deposited and that some of my items could not be processed or returned. I immediately went inside and had the Branch manager go look in the ATM which he stated the funds were deposited into a lock box he can not access that goes to Loomis to be transported to the place they count the funds. Then I was told to call the customer service number to file a claim for my $200 shortage. They gave me a claim number and said it could take up to 10 buss days to credit my account. I have been with rip off bank of america for over 5 years with my credit card that is paid off and i have a checking and savings account with them. I have never bounced a check or have been late on a payment but after this I am done being there customer. They talked to me like I was lying and they have to have the money accounted for before they will credit me my money. I have excellent credit and several relationships with different banks. If they do not credit my funds by 4/29 I will be filing a BBB and attorney general complaint because this is straight out robbery.

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      Jun 12, 2011

    I just had the same issue a few days back. Lost 300$ out of $600. BOA has temporarily deposited this amount, but i have a feeling that they will steal it back. This looks like we need to file a class action suite against BOA. We need to contact a single attorney who can accumulate all these cases and file this against BOA. BOA should never ever allow cash deposits if they know that their ATMs are flawed.

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      Jun 20, 2011

    i would love to be a part of a class action lawsuit regarding this issue with bank of america atm's stealing money from its customers.

    i laugh so hard when i see the new accounts that are "free" at b of a that are all online and through atms only... you can't go in to the counter at all. if these people only knew at what premium these accounts actually are... because you are going to lose so much cash using atms only when this happens to you.

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      Jul 11, 2013

    $600 ?
    they steal from me $ 5000 in 2005 from the atm .
    Sense 2005 i charge BOFA back more than $60000 and i won't stop .To take money from BOFA it's like winning the loto .
    i don't feel bad at wall by take in this money from this scammers.

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      Jun 03, 2014

    i deposited a check into an drive through ATM and the check got stuck. The atm kept saying to deposit the check which i did. I called bank of America and gave them all the information about the check I deposited. An investigation was started an the money was deposited into my account temporarily. I got a letter stating that they couldn't find the check. I had the matter escalated but they still cant find it. SO frustrating. it is not my fault the atm was not working properly.

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      Oct 30, 2015

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