Bank Of America / illegal fraudulant lien

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Bank of America filed an illegal fraudulent lien on my property. I bought a waterfront home site in October 2007 with clear title and title insurance. In 2010 I paid off the property and built a house paying cash . In October 2012 I sold the home and scheduled a closing for October 30, 2012. On October 15 the title company discovered an illegal fraudulent lien-of my property and contacted BOA. They admitted that it should not be their and submitted it to the "Corrective Actions Department". BOA admits the lien should have been on my neighbors property across the street BUT they are still stalling on removing the lien from my property. If they do not remove the lien by October 30 I will be in violation of contract and may lose my sale of my property. This is a $250, 000 property. They have committed a criminal activity and are restraining my ability to sell my proprty

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  • Se
      Oct 25, 2012

    Get a lawyer now and file suit (injunction) so you can tie up the transaction and include your legal fees in the suit so BOA has to pick up the fees.

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  • Ra
      Oct 26, 2012

    You have a case. Do what the first guy told ya to do. Dawdling is intent. Easily proveable too.

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  • Do
      Jul 25, 2016

    This seems to be a pattern with Bank of America on releasing liens. I have a paid off mortgage and asked five weeks ago for a lien release letter. They say it belongs to another bank (it was a bank they acquired), even though I have proved to them through the FDIC and Federal Reserve that they are the successor bank.

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