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I am looking for others who "have been" or "are being" illegally foreclosed upon by boa. I want to prove a widespread pattern of willful intent of deception for financial gain of money and/or real property. Boa is performing this illegal activity under the disguise of innocently helping borrowers keep their homes by offering home loan modifications. They have no intention of giving a modification.
Please let me know if you or someone you know has dealt with boa on this topic. There is "strength in numbers". As long as we are approaching them one by one, they can act like we're isolated cases and blow us off. I've been fighting them the past 4 yrs by myself. It's time I try using a different approach to make them stop this scam. The recent settlement by the attorney generals of 49 or 50 states with boa does very little for us, if anything. The states profit by getting paid a huge amount of money, what I call hush money, while boa continues their deceitful practices with us. Please comment letting me know how to reach you, maybe through email, webpage, face book, or something? Thank you.

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  • Vi
      17th of Apr, 2012

    To Anti-SEO, You're either extremely naive and uninformed, or you're one of them (BOA). What you said used to be true years ago, but not anymore.
    1. Today a bank makes more money by foreclosing because of the following:
    A.) They received bail out money which was supposed to go to modify loans.
    They instead kept the bail out money & didn't modify loans... because they knew they would get paid for what's owed on each house by the government.
    B) The Government promised to pay the banks in full for the amount left owing on each home they foreclose on.
    C) Plus the banks get to keep the houses and resale them & pocketing all the money received from each home

    Concerning no one being entitled to a mortgage, you're right. But, when a person takes out a mortgage and pays 20% down and abides by all the rules and makes all the payments on time, yet still is scammed by the bank because they want your $50, 000's wrong & criminal!.

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  • Di
      9th of Aug, 2012

    We had our morgage bought out by Bank of America. Ever since our payment has never been the same as when we first bought the house. We have a fixed rate our taxes went down and our insurance went down and the payment keeps going up and they won't tell us why. Now we are struggling to make the payment each month and according to them we should get second jobs. What kind of bank does this?

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  • Ti
      20th of Aug, 2012

    We have been very successful in acheiving Deparment of Justice modifications for our clients. We have been battling B of A for 12 years & know how they operate. Feel free to call us at 877.297.7011 for more info.

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  • Mr
      10th of Sep, 2012

    your company name is FRESH START -legal group with two lawyers?..please give me names and licence #..and when I asked for LIC# the customer service hang up! why are you posting here complaints when in reality you are scamming homeowners?.
    .I will report you to the DOJ! Timothy Stull
    1877297 7011
    20th of Aug, 2012 by Timothy Stull 0 Votes
    "We have been very successful in acheiving Deparment of Justice modifications" for our clients. We have been battling B of A for 12 years & know how they operate. Feel free to call us at 877.297.7011 for more info.

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  • Ha
      15th of Oct, 2012

    I started a modification program because I forsaw a financial problem due to my change in employment. I began by faxing everything they requested, on a daily basis. They kept telling me it took 24hrs to show up in the system. I would call them daily, just to have them tell me, that it's not showing up in the system. I was having to refax documentation on a daily basis. On some days, I would have a representative tell, it's in there, then another one would tell me, they can't find it. They finally sent me a letter telling me that I was denied the modification because documentation was not sent in on time. I requested an appeal. all of a sudden, I stopped hearing from them. So, I retained an attorney. Now, BofA has started sending me letters, indicating they can help.

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  • Sw
      16th of Feb, 2013

    Early in 2012 I applied for a home loan modification with BOA. I was told by them that I did not qualify for a loan modification because I was not behind on payments. I was told to stop making payments so I could receive assistance. I worked with a counselor at BOA Sean Killian (who is no longer employed there). I have transmission logs dated 7/26/12 of faxes that I sent to BOA. Sean told me numerous times that he had not received my information even though I have the logs to prove that it was sent. I had a letter fedex'ed dated Sep 20 2012 received Sep 21 2012 to me from BOA stating that "We are unable to offer you a modification because you did no sign and return the modification agreement that we had sent you more than 30 days ago". I have looked up what this is and also told by the hope hotline agent Erica Correa that this is stating that Bank of America had sent me a loan modification agreement and terms but I did not sign and return this documentation. I have never received any such documentation and can prove that I have not through UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Various representatives at Bank of America have told me that they sent this documentation. However when I ask them to provide a date sent and a tracking number they always tell me X department handles that. They transfer me somewhere else where I have to start all over. The only thing I have received from BOA is that my account is delinquent and I need to contact them. When I first received this Sean Killian advised me that this is normal and its just an automatic letter that is sent when someone misses a payment. On Feb 14 2013 I called BOA again and was told that my home is in foreclosure and has been since Sept 2012. I have never received anything from BOA that is showing my home is in foreclosure. They state they have sent me a notice of intent for foreclosure. When asked to provide proof of this they are unable to. Then they tell me that the letter I have is a foreclosure notice. But it just says to contact them because my account is delinquent, which told by Sean Killian this is normal. Now another rep of BOA is telling me that my home wasnt in foreclosure since September but actually since February. So they can't even agree when I have been placed in foreclosure. I was recently laid off of work in November. Talking to a rep Feb 16 2013 I was informed that I do not qualify for BOA's unemployment assistance because it is only for homeowners who are 90 days or less behind on their payments. When the reason im so far behind on my payments is because I was advised by BOA to stop making my mortgage payment so that I could qualify for a loan modification. I believe this practice of "losing paperwork" and giving consumers the run around by BOA is not only unethical but illegal. Arizona has been hit very hard by the foreclosure crisis and BOA is doing everything it can to not help customers.

    My second complaint is against the HOPE line (888 995 HOPE) that is cofunded by mortgage companies. I have called their line and when you call they have an automated recording stating if you feel you've been the victim of a loan scam to press 1. I hit 1. It connects me to someone who takes my information and gives me a reference number to put me on hold so they can transfer me to a "fraud specialist". This person then asks me if I have been the victim of 3rd party fraud. When I reiterate multiple times that I believe it is my lender who is actively participating in loan modification fraud. The agent then tells me they are unable to help me because its not 3rd party and they dont help with servicer fraud and are not able to provide me legal advice. I understand that since major banks are the primary funders of the hope hotline that they do not want to give out advice that would hurt their funding, however, this is the hotline you are advised to call by banks who are supposed to help you.

    Everything I am claiming in this can be proved. I have numerous recorded phone calls to BOA, the hope hotline. I have documentation showing when I received items from BOA. The fax transmission log of my request for mortgage assistance.

    I do not have the phone calls with Sean Killian recorded because I did not think I would need to record them. I have confirmed through multiple agents that these practices are regular of BOA. Particularly the part about "stop paying your mortgage so you can get a loan modification". The reason for my original loan modification request was that I had taken a 53% pay cut at work.

    If this is illegal what type of lawyer would handle this? Consumer fraud? Mortgage foreclosure?
    I hope this can be resolved before I am foreclosed upon.

    Also for recording phone calls Arizona is a one party notification state. From what I can find I do not have to tell them that I am recording the phone call. However if I do I am told that "bank of america does not participate in recorded phone calls and if i do not advise them that I am turning the recorder off they have to disconnect the call". I tell them that I am not turning of my recorder and they hang up on me. I do not think it is right that they are able to record consumers but refuse to be recorded themselves. I am pretty positive im acting within the law but want to verify this.

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  • Ra
      31st of Mar, 2013

    I am one of those victims of Bank of America's illegal practice of mortgage foreclosure. I have had my mortgage with BofA since 2004. I was forced into an early retirement in 2006 and being without a job, I decided to file for a Loan Modification in 2009 to lower my monthly payments and that was the beginning of my nightmare with BofA. So far, I went through 2 different Trial Payments and finally a permanent loan modification. I NEVER missed nor defaulted on my mortgage payments NEVER. Two days ago, I received a CERTIFIED letter from BofAmerica claiming that I am $19, 000 behind and they are filing for foreclosure. When I called them for an explanation, I was told that they made a mistake and Yes they have received my payments but theY FAILED TO APPLY THE MONEY TOWARDS my mortgage payments. Yes that is illegal and unethical - what do I do? Who do I contact for justice? I am 68 years old and have worked very hard to purchase my house ($20, 000 down). This is supposed to be my retirement home to spend my golder years and BofAmerica is attempting to take my house from me while my payments are current. I am sad and disappointed and distressed and fighting BofAmerica is a Losing fight. Please tell me how this can be resolved.

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  • Ph
      7th of Aug, 2013

    Yes BOA scammed me too and would not allow me to negotiate anything because my house was in my deceased wife's name. The told me I had to go thru the probate court process and would not discuss the loan with me at all. When I was making payments on time it was all good but it was clear they felt like they had me in a corner. They could have easily put the deed of trust in my name if they wanted to. I had credit card companies and
    auto loan creditors who did it for me but not the sleezy, cheezy Bank of America. Home got foreclosed but I will be able to rent it out from the new bank that bought the mortgage. They are supposed to show the original promissary note during the sale transaction. If not, I may have a case to sue their sorry ###. Bank of America originated in Italy and is not truly American. Do the research. If this America's Bank then we are all in default because they intend to screw all their customers in the ### with no lubrication!!!

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  • Va
      19th of Aug, 2013

    file complaint with the Consumer financial protection bureau, CFPB. I have mortgage bank of america, bought me from countrywide, so much drama, i hate to even explain it all right now. i went to NACA, and they helped me try to get modified, and i still got denied and NACA filed complaint with CFPB, now bank of america kissing my butt and sending letters and i am in foreclosure, 3 court dates so far, no action yet, CFPB has taken over for the independant foreclosure review, IFR, I thought all my chances were over, i still no job extremely depressed filed disability, im 48 and unwanted by employers, no husband, never married, 2 grown kids 25 and 22. so many troubles no car, living on 74.00 a week from unemployment, I m praying i get approved. try to modify or move, hope bank pay me at end, im so tired, but im greatful i fought for 5 yrs, and im still in my home. foreclosure started in feb, 2013.

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  • Ap
      21st of Nov, 2015

    Check your FedEx packages. If they come from Broomfield, CO you are actually dealing with Urban Lending Solutions and/or Walled Lake Credit Bureau, both third parties, both d/b/a Bank of America and Office of the CEO and President, Bank of America. You are NOT DEALING WITH A LENDER. You are dealing with a third party debt collector. These CROOKS have killed me. 5.5 years of hell, never late, never missed a payment.

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