Bank Of America Foreclosure Complaint / duplicate foreclosure-failure to investigate

AZ, United States

I am at my wits end because I can't stop a foreclosure of a property I once had a loan for that was already foreclosed in 2009. I even have the 1099-A form from the federal national mortgage association stating they acquired the property on September 15, 2009 and I have written this property off in my taxes. I had been current on the HOA dues and had a manager active until they foreclosed. Then, a few months ago, I got four certified letters on the same day saying they were going to foreclose on this same AZ property. The title was left in my name it seems so they are foreclosing again! Someone made a mistake but I relied upon the information of the bank and the final disposition given for my taxes so it is unfair to come after me three years later to start it all up again. I wrote about 20 letters and faxes right up to the CEO and I can't get someone in B of A to do anything to put the sale on hold pending investigation. My assigned rep says she is "looking into it" something she has been saying for weeks or months and she sends letters asking if I want a loan mod. I think I am getting a total run around and it is like a steam roller coming down on me. They seem like they could care less. Meanwhile someone at the complex says a man came with keys, lived there for nearly two years and left saying that he bought it at auction but there were title issues. It is in my name apparently by mistake and the way they want to fix it is foreclose! I am out of my mind about this. Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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