Bank Of America Corporationseized money from my account

I received & deposited a Wells Fargo bank check in my account on 4/24. Four days after the deposit on 4/28, Bank of America went into my account & seized my money. As monitoring my transactions on 5/2, I noticed $ missing from my account in the amount of $250. I called customer service more than 3 times on 5/2 to try & resolve why BOA seized my deposit. I received rhetorical runaround answers during every phone call to fix the problem. I called the Wells Fargo customer who advised me that the $250 bank check funds have been withdrawn from their account since 4/24. Continued calls to BOA claim that the money was seized because the typed bank check was unreadable.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newington, CT?? If the check was unreadable, then how did BOA know which person/account/bank to withdraw the $ from? On 5/2, four days after seizing my money, BOA made NO attempt to contact me to advise of the taken $. BOA did not make any attempt to return the money to Wells Fargo either. BOA decided they could withdraw & simply keep $250 from my account!!! I had to get the Wells Fargo customer to put a stop payment on the check to keep BOA from simply stealing the $ for themselves. Today, 5/3, BOA called me to say the $ was never deposited to my account as they never were able to read the bank check. ??? What??? I have written BOA bank statement showing it was, but now it wasn't? BOA then said, there was something wrong with the Wells Fargo account. How did BOA withdraw the $ if Wells Fargo has an internal "bill pay" procedure issue? Every excuse about the money taken from my account, gets more outlandish. Taking money that is not yours, then secretly keeping it for days is a CRIME...even for a big bank.

May 03, 2017

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