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Bank Of America Corporation / fees

1 Cape Coral, FL, United States

I have had a savings account with ATM card for 7 years. More recently for the past 12 months I have not used their card nor made any deposits or withdrawals from this account. But apparently they have been deducting a $5 dollar maintenance/service fee from my account every month. Plus my husband checked our balance with the ATM card which we were charged another $2.50. When I received my statement today, I realize the balance is now $-8.21. That's right, a negative BALANCE, I NOW OWE THEM $8.21 FOR NOT USING MY MONEY ALL YEAR! So, I called the customer service number and kept on hold for 7 minutes. Finally explained my story, was put on hold another 5 minutes, then was told, the only thing they can do for me is waiver one $5 fee leaving me with a $ - 3.21 negative balance. I ask to speak with her manager, as I only wanted them to close my account. Another 6 minutes on hold, then told Sorry, manager is in a meeting, he will call me back at the end of the day. After blowing my stack and giving her a piece of my mind, I hung up and drove to the nearest BOA. The manager at the BOA 909 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral Fl 33990, told me he would see what he could do. He looked into the computer and deducted the $2.50 ATM balance check fee leaving me with a -71cent balance and told me I would have to go to the teller to close my account after I pay off the negative balance. So I ask again, After this bank has taken $60 this past year in fees for an account I have not used, is it really necessary that I pay them to close my account? She replied Oh Yes, I am so sorry BUT if you do not pay the 71cents they will send you to collections! And there is nothing I can do until you pay. SO, I write her a check for 71 cents and say "OK, so is my account closed now" Her reply, Oh no, I'm sorry but you will have to wait 45 minutes, or make an appointment to come back to see one of our banking specialists! WHAT??????? Now I am beginning to LOSE IT! I would now leave her window until I was taken care of properly. I got louder and louder, by repeating my story so ALL the bank customers in line could hear my saga! FINALLY, one of the two banking specialists got up from her chair (about 10 feet away) and walked over to me and asked, How may I help? The teller told her, " Oh, I told her you have appointments and she would have to wait 45 minutes or make an appointment. " WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS????? So the banking specialist was finally kind enough to tell her, "well, it's no problem, I will squeeze her in, it will just take me a few minutes" And with 5 minutes she had my account closed and I was on my way out. REALLY????
Was ALL of that really necessary????? NEVER, EVER, will I deal with BOA again, as far as I"M concerned, they all should be Bank of #####!

Apr 4, 2017

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