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I opened an account with Bank of America, I was appproved I recieved account numbers, debit card and checking account.. I haven't used this account yet. Its only been a week since I was appproved and have recieved all of the above items. I recieved a letter a couple days later saying that my account is closed. I called the same day I recieved letter and they said they don't have to give me a reason. Isn't this discrimination? How can you make other complaints on this bank?

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  • Ga
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    i hear you about BOA. a few years ago my cousin did some work for someone who paid them with a check from BOA. she went to the BOA bank to cash it and was told they don't cash checks unless you're a customer with them while all other banks (at the time) didn't have a problem cashing a check written by their customers. now she could have deposited it in her account at another bank but she needed the cash that day and couldn't wait for it to clear with her bank. long story short, the teller and manager were rude and unhelpful which caused my cousin to flip out (and thats putting it mildly). she ended up getting arrested for disordely. unfortunately BOA broke no laws by not cashing the check written by their customer. then they started needing thumb prints to cash checks. all ###. then we bail them out and they still act like we should be greatful to them. they will be onb the virge of bankruptcy again but this time we don't bail them out.

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  • Ha
      11th of Apr, 2012

    I have never had a good encounter with Bank of America. No one at the branch has the authority to help you with anything except deposits...G_d forbid you ever have an actual question or fee on your account...they make it so difficult that you just eventually just give up! Had an incident in Dec 2011, where there was a fee on my account, they couldn't tell me how it got there or why it was there, told me to go into the branch same thing, neither the teller nor personal banker. Or manager could figure where the fee came from besides they said that they did not have the authority to reverse a fee...even though I had never had one before??? Said I had to file a claim and someone would look into and get back to me by mail with two-three the mean-time another fee was pending because I had not paid the unknown fee...? Since the incident in Dec 2011 at the Brea/State College local I have since received a letter stating that I will now be charged a $10.00 Fee if I do not make a monthly deposit of $1500.00 I had to call in again to see what my options were, not sure about you but, I do not have the luxury of leaving a balance of $1500.00 in my account every month just to avoid a $10.00 fee!!! SO the rep on the phone switched me to an ATM acct only...where you do all your banking through the ATM...That was in March 2012. Thinking everything was OK and taken care of by the previous rep, I tried to make a deposit today and the ATM would not take my transaction, After spending 45 mines on the phone with "Customer Service" and no closer to an answer, I had to go into the Branch where I was met with someone who asked for every single piece of my information yet again, but still couldn’t help me and put me back on the phone to customer service after speaking to yet another rep and a supervisor They still could not tell me why my account had been closed, they said that there were no notes on the account but a code stating that if the account had a low balance for 120 days that it would close, they could not tell me who put the code on the account or the date it was put on the account...had to open yet another claim to find out what the heck is going on at the Brea/state college branch...I can tell you what's not going on there...Customer Satisfaction or Service, ! I can't believe in this age that we still allow these financial institutions to bully us into paying their fees and require no customer service and satisfaction in return. What happened to the days where people united and refused to patron these kinds of establishments!!! If we do not complain when we are unjustly treated or do not receive the service that we deserve...It's your money, we can no longer let these financial institutions to take our hard earned money and bully us into staying with them just because...I encourage anyone and all to switch to a local Credit Union where they can help you on an individual basis, credit a fee once in awhile if you haven’t had one credited and for G_d sake give you great customer service without having to talk to 5 people in customer service before having to escalate to a Supervisor! If they have gotten too big and have lost their service aspect I suggest converting to a Credit Union that is still grateful for your loyalty and service! Can you say CREDIT UNION! I can! And anyone can join! Try it you might just get the great service you deserve regardless of the amount you deposit each month. Credit Union for the rest of us that aren't part of the 1%.
    Sincerely, standing up for our rights, is our American right! We are not going to take lack of service any longer!!! Lets standing united and send a message we weren’t going to pay their $5.00 fee and were not going to put our money into establishments that do not consider our patronage worth keeping and that means giving us GREAT customer service at the ONE level not the 8th level.

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