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Bank of america changed our account for our home loan from a straight account to one with an escrow. They wanted to charge us a whole lot of escrow; add it into our home payment (With back escrow) , and wanted to raise our payment over $1300 a month more.

When we called and complained, they lowered the amount down to $500, but it still was excessive. We then requested to go through a loan modification. Bank of america had us go through three approvals until we received a letter telling us that the modification had been declined. This took seven months (Maybe longer) .

After december, they stopped accepting our payments. We were hoping that the loan modification would help with the late payments on our credit report. This company is by far the most inept business i have ever dealt with. We requested a letter telling us what we needed to do to get caught up, and basically got the runaround.

Now our credit is ruined, and bank of america refuses to do what is right, and fix the problem. It is not fair to refuse payment, and start counting someone as late when they eventually will get their full payment. I do not recommend boa to anyone. They are inept and unwilling to accept responsibility for their faults.

I think they want people to go into default, and foreclose on their homes. Even when we were caught up, they did not apply our payment. We were hit on the credit report again. It took two calls for them to fix it.

I am still not sure they have fixed the last problem. The last one i spoke to had an attitude problem and said
I was trying to strong - arm him into fixing the credit report problem. I only want them to do what is right.

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  • Mo
      Jul 28, 2011

    [removed] now own the major us bank. . .

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  • Mo
      Aug 03, 2011

    Bank of america is the best bank, you credit is ruined becasue you dont pay your bills on time.

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