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I called BMV to inform them that it was fraudulent activity going on, on my debit card and for them to block the card. 30 minutes later they let they fraud company steal 489.00 out of my account. I went through the disputes process and now they want me to pay the money the scammers stole from me and the additional 489.00!!! I wouldn't recommend this bank to a dog, and also the customer service representatives are uneducated and very poor customer services skills no training or experience!

Nov 17, 2016
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  • Wi
      Jun 22, 2017

    They either are misinforming their CSR people or they are complete idiots. I'm fed up with their ignorance and the idiots sitting behind them soaking up their paychecks and going home at 5 not giving a damn about what they're doing to us. Give it to the CSR's so that they can complain to their supervisors to get something done. But be careful, some of the csr's supervisors and mangers deliberately repeat themselves to get you mad enough to yell at them while being recorded. They can try to use this against you leaving out the number of times you've already called. They will debt your deposits making you to pay insf fees. COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN... If they give you the 203 #, punch in last names if you don't have an extention. The csr's, supervisors, and manager will not give you one. And if they do, it will be on where no one answers, goes to vm and you'll never receive a return call. CLOSE DOWN THESE [censor]...

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