Bancomer / atm steals credit cards

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I inserted my ATM card into a Bancomer ATM in a mall. The machine immediately restarted, a Windows startup screen came on and a slow boot process began, ending approximately 10 minutes later. The machine then gave an error, saying the card had been seized. Not only did the Bancomer machine malfunction, it would not give back my card.

There was no staff available to assist except a security guard who gave me the Bancomer toll-free number. We were in a rented taxi who had allowed us to use the bank machine so we did not have time to wait and call. I subsequently called my bank, Citibank, and spent a significant amount of time as well as long distance charges to report the card as lost. The whole ordeal, including the loss of my ATM card for the duration of my travel, was an unacceptable hassle. This situation is unacceptable and can lead to a potentially dangerous condition of being stranded without cash while traveling.

Why are Bancomer's machines programmed to seize the customer's card if a Bancomer-related malfunction occurs?

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