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Feb 1 2009 We bought a sofa and love seat set from BAD BOYS FURNITURE store in burlington along with a Solid gold leather warranty protection to cover and damage and repair to the furniture that might occur or need to be fixed over 5 years. 3 weeks after we received our love seat the leather started cracking. Called the store and spoke with Scott (floor manager and our sales man) he said to wait for a year before getting it replaced to get the most out of our warranty and just incase something else happened to it we could get it all fixed at once. So in Jan 2010 we called Bad Boys again to speak with Scott and he had then left the company and was advised to called Maga seal (warranty company) and spoke with a lady named Kara, so we did and a man came out to look at the love seat and then advised us that the warranty was not valid on the love seat because it was a bi-cast leather. He also said that it looks like the sofa wasn't sealed properly or at all and thats why it was cracked and peeling. He gave his report back to bad boys. January 25th I called bad boys store to speak with the store manager (George), who said he would "look into the matter" and get back to us. Jan 28th I called the store back to inquire about what was happening and was told that there was nothing that they could do for us and we were sold the warranty accidently and should be refunded the warranty. I had stated that that was not our fault and that should should rectify the problem since the floor manager at the time (scott) signed off and help with the sale. We should be entitled to a new love seat. After George disagreeing I asked to speak with another manager and was told to call Sara Chevallier at head office (customer care rep) to see what she can do, so I did. I left her several messages on the phone and finally heard back from her in the middle of Feb 2010. She said that I needed to deal with the store directly and told me to call the store back and talk to the store manager Sri. For the month of Feb and March 2010 my family and I made several store visits to talk with Sri regarding the love seat, damage, warranty, us wanting a refund. We were very upset that we were getting transfered from one person to another just to try and solve what we thought was an easy problem, just order a new one to replace the damaged one. We left endless messages with the store with Dianne and Heather for Sri to call us back and was often told "Sri is with a customer" or "Sri is not in today". April 2010 we went into the the store and Sri advised us that he was trying to get a replacement love seat in the same model (Milford) and he was waiting to hear back from the company. May 2010 we had a message left on our machine that he was not able to reorder the milford sofa because it has been discontinued. For the next year numerous phone calls were made along with store visits to still try and rectify the problem. Sri refused to refund our money or allow us to order another set. In the mean time Sri, as I was told "took a leave of absence to be with his brother who was dying". In May 31 2011 we went into the store again to hopefully finalize this and we were allowed to order a new set with a credit from the damaged set. We ordered a brand new set (sofa, love seat and chair) and was told that it will arrive in 6-12 weeks. In September we called and it wasn't in yet and called on 5 other occasions. October we called again once a week. In November I went down to the store AGAIN and spoke with Sri and he called the warehouse and said that we received the set and it was delivered to us. We never received the set and he told us that it was delivered to another customer accidently and he would have to re-order it. Nov 7 Sri re-ordered the set and told us it would be there in end of January beginning of Feb 2012 because of Christmas, there might be a delay. January 24th I went into the store and spoke with Sri and was told it should be there any day. Feb 2012 I have called the store, Sri no longer re turns my calls and have left the message with Dianne, Heather and another young man on the phone. I have gone into the store and he is either in a training session, off or away. When I call he is "with a customer". It is now April 24th and we still do not have our furniture or solved the issue with the damaged love seat. At this point we want a full refund for the original sofa set and a full refund of our warranty plus compensation from the company for all our time.

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      26th of Nov, 2009
    Bad Boys Furniture - Deffective Furniture
    Bad Boys Furniture
    Phone: 1-877-888-0050

    We bought out dining table back in MAY 2009 . The delivery guy banged on the door and just pushed past me and threw the boxes on the ground. We were told he ha to remove it from the packaging and he argued with us then walked out. when we started to open the box there was a massive chuck out of the side so we stopped opening and I called the store and ... See Morethe store said we had to call the warehouse. I called the warehouse and she claimed they were out of the area, but we could see the truck in the loading area still from our balcony. She argued with us. She continued to ask me if it was "something we could live with" . NO! Then she told me to set the table up until they can send a new one. NO! Then she said she wanted me to go through the box and pull out the stuff that is fine, "because it all gets shipped in one box and when the new table comes [I] could go through the new stuff and pull out only what we need". NO!
    Eventually the new table came the next day (this is day 2 we've had to take off work) and the driver came up with the stupid guy from the day before. We got the table open and there was a crack in this one. We were told it can be fixed so we called the warehouse and they called the fixer guy. He cancelled 2 days, on each day like an hour before he was supposed to show. EVENTUALLY he showed up a few weeks later and said we'd get a new table top and chair. We still haven't seen anything. They don't return messages, I've called and been put on hold so many times, and now I called this morning and still got put on hold, transfered to a different customer service rep beause the first one was sick of me calling affter she kept putting me through to voicemails. The second one only did the same thing. So now I'm waiting for a call back that I won't get. So tomorrow morning I will call again and if that doesn't work I am seriously going to go to the media...OH and I've emailed their Head Office TWICE and no one has gotten back to me.

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      30th of Mar, 2012
    Bad Boys Furniture - Sold me product they didn't have
    Bad Boys Furniture
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-750-8888

    I went into a Bad boys at the beginning of March, and Ali had served me, I am moving into a new home, so needed to buy furniture. So, Ali explained to me that there was this sale happening on March 16th and that I should come by and check it out. So I had taken the day off at work and myself and my friend went to the Bad Boys located at Kennedy and Lawrence, and again spoke to Ali. My friend was looking for appliances and I was looking for furniture. I hadn't found anything that interested me, but my friend was looking into Kitchen aid appliances, and she put together a few items and discussed a pricing options with the sales manager Al. While I was still walking around the store, I found a washer and dryer which was on power buy, so I decided to buy both the washer and dryer.
    So when I spoke to Ali about purchasing the washer and dryer, he brought over Al again, and Al said to me "oh we don't have any more of these left, we only have the floor model." so I said I don't want to pay full price for the floor model, so don't worry about it, i won't get it. Then Al came back and said "I called warehouse and they have a brand new set for you" so in that case, i said "great perfect I will purchase that."
    After a while, my friend was still thinking over about the appliances, and she decided that she was going to bring her uncle back to the store that same evening to see if prices were reasonable or not. I told Al that I was still going to purchase the washer and dryer. Al then came back and said "oh I thought you were going to buy all the appliances, that's why I was able to get you the washer and dryer" so then I said "okay then don't worry about it, if it's too much trouble, i can always but it later" then Al went to say "okay i don't want to loose your business as well, so you can buy the washer and dryer."
    So i went up and paid for the washer and dryer, which I said I"ll come and pick up.

    We left the store, content with what I purchased.

    2 hours later, i had a missed call from Ali, who stated in a voice mail stating that "the washer and dyer is only available to you if you come back and purchase the appliances." This message was left after I had already purchased the washer and dryer.
    How could a store like Bad Boys call a customer back to state that they don't have the product, and it will only be available if i purchase the appliances. That was a complete threat to me. I had advised my friend to not go back to the store.
    The service I received even after speaking to the store manager Paul Taylor was horrible. He was saying that he wouldn't have allowed for it, but never realized the inconvenience and the trouble on my side.
    The store is horrible. I will and I will make sure anyone that I know will never walk into a Bad Boys Furniture ever again.

    They claim it's a great company. they are the worst, such bad customer service. I would never recommend anyone go to this place.

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      26th of Apr, 2012

    Agree with you. Had a very similar experience with Rob @ Bad Boys in Mississauga (Dundas/Dixie). He kind of sold me in one sofa-bed (i liked it a lot) with warranty, however when the actual time came to use that warranty, he never helped. Neither his staff was helpful. They have very cheap selling techniques.

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