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I rented an Avis car after my car was in an accident. 1) After being paid $877.36 by my insurance company, Avis billed me for $157.36, claiming the insurance company only paid $720. 2) $82.51 of the charge was for an "airport fee". I did not pick up or deliver the car at an airport. 3) Later, I was billed $82.25 for Avis eToll. I never authorized, activated, or used Avis eToll.

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  • Ar
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    AVIS is a leader in fraud, double-billing and "bait and switch" scams. Avoid it at all costs.

    I rented a car from them last week, got a quote for 320 dollars total for 5 days. When I returned the car, they gave me a bill for 600 dollars, showing lots of surprise charges, fees and mileage charges, none of which was disclosed to me at check in. No amount of complaining helped -- they adamantly refused to remove the charges. I canceled my "Preferred" account, filed a dispute with my credit card, and will never use AVIS again. I don't know where they find the people who work for them, but to put it mildly, they are very rude and incompetent. Last month when I rented from them, there was a woman in line in front of me, going ballistic over her bill and demanding to remove extra charges and fees. It took her almost an hour and everyone had to wait in line.

    "We try harder?" Give me a break! I would avoid AVIS at all costs.

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  • Ja
      15th of Dec, 2009


    It's interesting to read this. I tried to use Avis for car hire in Miami Beach. It was booked through the UK call centre. When I arrived, the guy behind the desk really wasn't interested at all but basically told me that he had no record on his system. I called the UK and they asked me for his email address at that office which he refused to give.

    So I had no choice but to cancel it. Then to add insult to injury they claimed that they had not taken money from my card despite Amex confirming they did. I now have to charge this back through American Express. This is second issue I've had with this company. The first being not as serious but inconveniencing non the less.

    I would agree that Avis is not to be trusted with your travel arrangements. In a deliberate effort not to mention a competitor by name, all I will say is that there was a massive difference in service level from another large car hire firm we eventually got in touch with.

    If you read this Avis, it happened on Sunday 22nd at your South Beach office. My name is Mr James L, a customer that you have lost for life. I would rather take the bus.

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  • An
      18th of Apr, 2011

    Reserved a car via Costco to Avis. Was supposed to get up to 35% off PLUS $25.00 for a week rental...Took the $25.00 off but did not get the percentage off...have been fighting with Avis since Oct, 2010 about no avail.

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