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Avis / Bad service

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On [protected] i flew to Houston and rent a car from AVIS. First they gave me a Honda Accord with a dead battery, then they gave me a Chevrolet Impala with two front tires that are worn to the bone, and i did not see it. The car vibrated uncomfortably above 60 mph and i was so scared because the two front tires can blow anytime. I was so mad at myself because i did not check the tires and i was also mad at AVIS and wonder why they dare to give customer that kind of car with two worn-out front tires(two rear tires are good), why their stupid mechanic put two bad tires in the front? they do not care about customer safety? be carefull folks.

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      23rd of Jan, 2010

    your complaint was posted quite a while back, but had to comment just incase you still might catch these.

    I too had the same sort of situation with my last Avis Rental. I actually didn't realize the tires were bad until one blew on me, as I was pulling out of my driveway, and slowly (5mp most!) turning the vehicle to go. I put it into Drive, and within 2 seconds the tire blew, throwing me practically into the ditch. i was basically right in front of my home, so very thankful about that. it was pouring down raining too, so I would have been in a huge mess had I gone very far. Long story short, they blamed me for causing the tire to blow, being so rude, not caring that i was hurt physically, and telling me if i had purchased the insurance they tried to tell me about, i wouldn't be in this position.
    I have never been treated so horribly in my life. To make it even worse, they charged my credit card about $800 too much and b/c they had a signature on file (not for that amount!), my bank re-issued the charge after i denied it. They need to be shut down.
    Tina R.
    Dallas, tx

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      25th of Jan, 2011

    Avis Rent a Car in Fullerton (1105 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA) rents out a car that was flagged for recall due to faulty brakes. I only found out about this when I got figured in an accident (luckily no one was injured) when the brakes failed. The towing service guy told me that the Dodge Avenger (the rented out to me) was actually flagged for recall.

    Beware of Avis if you value your life!

    Also, when they hold you responsible when you cannot return the car on time. Which actually, I was at the specified location at the appropriate date/time; but there was no one from Avis at that location for hours! And they were threatening to charge me for extra days and/or towing services.

    It was a mistake to rent from Avis!

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  • Am
      25th of Mar, 2011

    Tina R.

    I am not going to say that Avis cars or tires, or any rental for that matter are in pristine
    condition. In fact I will say that often times tires are slightly worn. However I ask why you chose Avis in the first place? was it the price? part of paying a lower cost means the cost has to come from somewhere, All Avis cars are rented lower than 35, 000 miles, the average tire life is 40, 000. Now with missed rotations and such wear can most certainly exist. The operator at your location however has no ability to purchase new tires, short of actually paying for them out of pocket.

    Now is it like playing a game of roulette? perhaps that is a fair analogy
    but the fact is the tire did blow when you were operating the car, and you had declined to pay
    for coverages on that tire.

    pretty open and shut case. your signature was on file, exactly. read what you sign before you sign it, ask questions, look over the vehicle and raise any concerns and get responses in writing if neccessary. they have damage report slips that you could have notated a worn tire on. If you didn't see the worn tire, then perhaps it was not wear that caused the tire to blow.

    to the OP, most locations do not have their own mechanic and have a central location ie. an airport where they send their fleet to be maintained, if a limited fleet is available they agency probably had little choice with the car they provided you. and you could have always reviewed the car and declined to take it.

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  • So
      27th of Feb, 2015

    We rented electrical car from AVIS for one month.
    The car was promissed to be able to pass 200 km before each charging. It was only 90km.We went to talk with them and they changed the car. The new car could pass only120km.
    Then the charger stopped charging the car and they wanted it back and they said they will give a new one.
    They didn't have new charger for us one week. And we couldn't use the car.
    Then they wanted the car again back again to give another one because they wanted to fix that one for something that we weren't told about, neither when they gave it to us, neither when they took it back.
    We asked what can be done about this that we paid for whole month but we couldn't use it for a week.

    and their manager was extremely rude, that made me cry.

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