Avast Softwareanti virus program upgrade

On September I purchased this software on my Capital One Credit card. I thought it had downloaded and I had protection since it did come up on my screen as Avast and kept telling me I was Protected! I did not realize it was still on Free Virus program since I paid for the UPGRADE and it appeared on my Capital one bill in October. I am a senior citizen and not very savvy when it comes to computers so to my dismay it was not downloaded as they said it was. I just only found that out today when I got a virus and was told I did not have the protection?? I was trying to reach them to ask them why they had charged me a total of $35.88 on my October bill and did not download it as it said it had done!?? as I said, I am not very computer savvy but I know a download when I see one and was sure it had done so?? Can I contact them or get my money refunded so I can get a different virus program installed. Bad enough I had to get a computer fella to come out and fix the computer but he said I need to get a new virus program installed?? What can I do?? can I reach them. this is phone # that was on my bill

Jan 09, 2017

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