AutoZone / upselling is complete B.S.

AZ, US Review updated:

Ok this company has such a lack of focus, it's freakin mind-numbing. They've made it very clear that they care more about suggestive selling than parts selling. (translation: You must sell add-on items this like a car salesman to not get nagged by your boss/DM and RM) One of my coworkers questioned the significance comparison between selling hundreds of dollars worth of parts compared to "WITTDJR" upsell items to the district manager. He pulled him aside to enlighten him on this matter...pretty much with a look of disdain. Yeah they don't care about how many customers return to that same store, requesting you in particular because you're one of the only ones that know something about auto parts. If you sell a freaking engine or transmission to a customer, they won't give you an "atta boy" but they definitely won't hesitate to ask if ya offered the latest "checkout challenge" to them. Just what in the blue hell is wrong with companies now?!
One other matter...the store manager can't spell worth a damn, and tried to subtract hours from my paycheck before I got it. That's pretty damn this needs to be dealt with...the next months shall be fun.

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  • Su
      Dec 15, 2010

    Arizona state hmmmm you got sam as your region manger. lol mean little guy lol good luck

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