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I visited the Morristown, TN Autozone store at 625 S. Cumberland St on March 22, 2008 to purchase a fuel injector. An assistant manager was waiting on me. I had already called ahead to reserve the correct fuel injector that I needed.

Upon visiting the store, the assistant manager was asking me if my 1994 Astro van had the 4.3 Vortec engine or the standard TBI 4.3. I replied that my van had the 4.3 Vortec engine... and that the person whom I had spoken to on the phone had told me the price was some $75.00 odd dollars...

The mgr told me that there was no way that I had the Vortec engine because the injector would cost around 285.00.. I said, no, the gentleman on the phone told me $75.00.. I said, sir, my van has valve covers that say V6 Vortec... he said, well.. someone might have just put those valve covers on it, because no Vortec engines have the throttle body..

I said, sir, I know what my engine says on it.. He then turned away and started to go and get the part. I said, well, I know that my valve covers say V6 Vortec on it. The assistant manager, then turns to me and yells ' I am not going to argue with you' I said, what 'what?' He says, 'I am not going to sell you this part'

I then replied... 'sir, I have the money and I want the injector.' sell it to me' He then flat out keeps on refusing to sell it to me... I said, ok, that is fine. I then told him. 'I will take care of you on Monday.' He replies over and over in a loud voice.. 'Go ahead and take care of me now'. GO AHEAD!!! Go Ahead and take care of me now!' I said, nah.. I will take care of you Monday!' I then turn to leave... and he yells out 'You are nothing but a loudmouth!'

This assistant manager yelled out all of this in front of about 20 customers. Very unprofessional... All I did was tell him that my engine was a Vortec engine... and that my valve covers said Vortec on them... He then acts like this. I have never been treated so rudely before in my life. I could not believe this was happening...

I have spent lots of money in this store over the years, but never again.. It was very embarrassing to be talked to like a dog in front of customers.. This assistant manager was trying to get me to start something with him.. He is the one with a terrible attitude and a smart mouth. It kind of makes you wonder what kind of people Autozone has working in their stores.

I felt very threatened by him and I will not return to any AutoZone ever again. I am also going to be contacting upper management about this situation. If anyone would like to contact this particular store, the phone number is [protected]. Ask to speak to the store manager and see how he feels about this situation.. See if he even cares. I feel as if no one cares at this store. I know, I will never be back again! Thanks!


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    Famousfrank Jul 16, 2009

    U were told the wrong info over the phone... So u were kinda in the wrong expecting it to be 75.00 they were wrong for telling u that price... next time get a name and deal with that person...

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  • Ma
    matlock1981 Sep 08, 2010


    Here's the deal...i used to work at AZ and when someone calls the store to see if a part is in stock...first you have to locate the name of the part on the parts menu then go by make, model, year, engine, etc. Along with whatever part you are trying to get there are a series of specification questions...therefore this person that Ben must of talked to more than likely asked him these questions right? So, along with all those questions and asking the person over the phone what specific type of engine he had in his van..and telling Ben specifically for his engine that the injector costs $75.00 dollars? is Ben wrong for expecting that price? That's ridiculous!...if possible you can put the "parts on hold" by giving your name and number...then when you get there tell them you have a part on hold, with that you don't really need that person's name for anything other than telling the manager he can go to hell and oh by the way get me a free coke on you while i buy this crappy re-manufactured possibly already used and returned part and install it on my vehicle!

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  • Av
    aviator1990 Mar 16, 2011

    I presently work at an autozone, and if you knew the stupid mother [censor]ers aka you stupid mother [censor]er we have to deal with on a daily basis you would understand a why we get frustrated with you [censor]s. All day dealing with people who dont know what kind of car they have dont know how big there brake shoes are etc etc. I once had somone ask me if i could explain to them how to do a head gasket wtf. if you dont know anything about cars dont [censor]ing touch a car besides driving it [censor]. how would you like it if i called your work asking about a service or purchasing an item what if i got there and you told me something wrong and i got pissed at you..? how good would you feel if i came into your place of business and started complaining that you did something wrong or told me something wrong after you've had a long [censor] day.. yaa exactly sooooo [censor] YOU

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  • Ja
    Jayjayone Aug 01, 2011

    I work there to and agree with this guy above me! if you guys dont know what your doing dont bother and waste our time! we simply sell and thats it! its like going into a verizon store trying to buy a phone and then asking technical questions like...if i open the fone and take out this piece wat will happen? can you do this for me? the verizon employee will probably then back slap u n say get out for being such a ###! you need technical go to a mechanic and have him do it if you dont know how to do it urself other then that keep your mouth closed

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  • Ge
    get in the zone Sep 17, 2011

    I am another Autozone employee...I know that there are plenty of idiots that work for this company but there are just as many at any other parts store...all we do is sell parts. I have had many days where customers swore up and down that somebody said a price just to find out they called 50 other stores and couldn't remember who said what...If you dont know exactly what engine is in your car maybe you should research it before you yell at the person trying to help you by telling you that the last ### that had your car screwed you over by putting the wrong parts on your car! This leads back to people that have no business under the hood. I feel that autozone is one of the better companies for service because my team always went out to the customers car to help. Try going in to a freakin advance or napa and ask for help outside and you will just get stared at...

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    parts pro Dec 29, 2011

    having worked at all autoparts store with the exception of pep boys remember ... you sell autoparts that customer is responsible for knowing what they need . the problem comes from the customer skipping a critical step finding some one competent to diagnose there car properly the first time. the customer wants to hold u accountable for their lack of knowledge.

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  • Do
    don jay Jun 07, 2012

    I will agree that manager needs to be relocated to the curb. I am also an AutoZone employee. No one would act like that in my store, manager or not. But I will agree with some of the other opinions above. No matter what company, we are there to sell the parts you ask for. If YOU give WRONG info, most likely, you WILL get the wrong part. One side of the story is we ask a lot of questions, some basic, some kinda unrelated because we are prompted by the parts computer (Znet). Besides basic info like what year or make, sometimes the same engine size is available but with 2 different VIN codes. Some questions may seem really unusual (i.e do you have a 3rd row seat? When looking up a fuel pump) they really are relevent to make easier way for a non-experienced or basic mechanic to get the right parts. BUT, some customers get upset by all these questions (”oh yeah it blue too”, sarcasm not necessary). But, if you don't have the answers, or an inexperienced Zoner doesn't ask all the posed questions, yes, you may be walking out with the wrong part. But why does the customer try to use the wrong part, and in some instances, with a hammer, try force fitting, then come back to the store expecting us to eat the part after you obliterate the part beyond reconition because you simply wouldn't give the 8th digit of the Vin code (engine most cases)? Returned parts, new, damaged, warranty, are tracked and the store manager is held liable including the parts the monkey tried to beat on with a hammer because that customer didn't want to admit they didn't know an answer, when all any of us want to do is get you the right part the first time. I don't agree with how the other responded above, but i sure understand what they mean.

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  • Ho
    Honesty is the best policy2 Oct 22, 2015

    Well how about this. I went to Autozone and got a alternator checked and it failed so I bought a new alternator from out of state and took it to go get checked at Auto zone and it failed. I decided to go to O'Reilly and get a second opinion and it passe 2 amps over what it is suppose to be a 14 at that. I took the old alternator into O'Reilly and it passed with a 13. I was like mad as a horse without a lover. It wasn't the alternator at all it was the brand new battery I had just bought from Auto zone that had 1000 amps and was suppose to be new. Yah they failing test to sell parts on purpose and I still have my papers from the test to prove it. So all you people trying to low rate us customers know this. I am a unhappy customer that had to go to another store to get what I wanted and warranties are what they say it is instead of 5 years as paid for you get 3 years and have to spend more money to get a part that advertise as a 5 year warranty. If it's 3 years say 3 years point blank. Stop the false advertisement!

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  • Jo
    John Forselius Apr 01, 2017

    I have bern working at Autozone for about 18 months now. I have been working on cars most of my life but am by far not a certified diagnostician. When a customer comes in for a part we type the year, make and model into znet, then once we start the part search it may ask other questions like engine size, is it a coupe or sedan and like stated above, does it have a third row seat, ect. Once we get a part number and sell the part, the installation is on the customer. I do try and hrlp answer any questions I can on how to install or check a part but some customers definitely shouldn't be working on they're own car, they then get upset when I don't know what size socket is needed to remove the bolts from a waterpump, ect. People need to realize we are just minimum wage parts salesmen, not all knowledgeable super mechanics. I will even go as far as pulling up a you tube video on the job as long as there are no other customers to be waited on. Unfortunately now that I hace done so on a few too many occasions people come to expect it and get mad when I need to help another customer instead. Come on people, get with the times and get internet, that way you can research the job before jumping into it knowing nothing. Lol

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  • Ja
    Jan Baker-freeman Jun 01, 2017

    I am furious with autozone, I bought oil and a filter from them, charged it and then discovered I would have to take my car to a dealer to service, I returned the oil and filter within 2 hours and they made take cash, WHAT! I need the money back in my bank.

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  • An
    Anonymous 16 Oct 15, 2019

    Jan Baker-freeman AZ policy is if you paid cash or debit, when you return something you get paid in CASH. I you pay via Credit Card or Credit from Bank Card, then they put it back on your card. Almost all businesses do that.

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