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To whom it may concern

This is an official complaint concerning cell phone number [protected].
I have a My Call 200 contract with Autopage and have an additional data package of 500MB per month. My contract already includes 200MB of data and I also receive a 275MB free for purchasing an internet bundle during a promotion, in total 975MB available to use per month. These data bundles are confirmed on a monthly basis via SMS.
My Samsung Note 2, like all Samsung smart phones, has the ability to set data usage and limits so that users can monitor and limit data usage. My phone settings are set to warn once 685MB has been used and the limit is set at 950MB. According to my understanding once a phone’s limit is set, a user is not able to go over that limit. My data usage according to my device between 16 Nov and 05 Dec is 505MB.
I would like to request an official report to explain how excessive data charges were allowed to be charged to my account and why I it took so long to inform me. I was only informed by phone call when my account was already R5787.43. I then received a SMS a short while later (10h11) to inform me that my account has been suspended due to high data usage.
When I called Autopage on 08.12.2014 to try and rectify this obvious mistake, I was told my account was now standing on over R 11000. I request that this is also explained, why was my account still climbing after my account was suspended?
When I phoned on 11.12.2015, Aldrin informed me that my account has increased again. He said that he could see that something didn’t look right and that there has ben a bug on their system that has been affecting a few clients’ accounts. He informed me that he would be escalating my query to his manager, but I still haven’t heard any feedback from this.
I have spent hours on the phone with Autopage head office during the month of December, on my own account of course. I have sent emails to Aldrin Ridgard on 11.12.2014 and 17.12.2014 requesting an investigation into what caused the data usage and what websites were accessed. I have resent the emails on numerous occasions during January and I have, to date, not received a reply.
I will be taking this to the Customer Protection Commissioner if I do not receive a satisfactory reply within 3 days.

Kelly Snibbe

Feb 20, 2015

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