SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / won't let me cancel - keeps billing

Canceled a trial membership before the deadline. Checked account status on-line to verify cancellation. Yep. Five days later, they bill me anyway. I get on-line again to see that the record of my cancellation had been removed from my account settings! I called to complain. They said they would cancel me (again) and would send me an email stating they would be giving me refunds. No refunds mentioned, only my cancellation. I'm currently canceled again, but am not sure if audible will again 'erase' the record of my cancellation. Visa says if they do it to me again next month, that I may be able to block future billings.

The problem visa pointed out, is that without proof of cancellation, and as I once had a user agreement with them, I may not be able win the disputes. Further, deleting my credit card info from audible will not protect me from future charges, armed with my user agreement, audible can go after a new credit card. Important advice: if you cancel a membership... Print out proof.


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