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Chegg Textbook Rental

I tried to rent a book through chegg since January 23rd, but I kept encountered error code: Charlie. Then it connected me to a link that I can fill in a form to request for the book rental. I did fill in the form and turned in. I waited about a week, I never heard back from chegg and got any mails like confirmation or notice or any kinds. Then I tried again about 3 times after that, still didn't hear back from chegg. So I tried to order through my friend's account and that worked immediately. I got the book just few days after that and I was fine with that. Then just few days ago, I finally got a mail from chegg saying that the book I requested was out of stock and it is now back in stock, also mentioning that they are shipping me the book, which doesn't make any sense because when I ordered the book rental through my friend's account, I got the book right away. So I replied to the mail saying that I already got the book, so I don't need it anymore. Well, when I got home today, I found that book shipped to my house. Now I have 2 books in my hand and I'm super annoyed that Chegg never notified me of their status of stocks and suddenly shipping me the book regardless of my reply. I just called customer service and only thing they can do is sending me the shipping label. I guess now I have to drive myself to UPS to ship it back to chegg? What kind of customer service is this? How can a big company like chegg have this kind of service? It's just ridiculous.

chegg study

I signed up for a free trial (November 08) but was unimpressed after about 10 minutes. I canceled the account that day, or so I thought. One month later (December 08), I had a declined charge from Chegg for the previously assumed canceled account. I contacted them to confirm the cancel and stop the pending payment on three separate occasions. Chegg still tried to withdraw money from my account every other day from December 08-18. I purposefully left the account with no money. I wrongly assumed the issue was resolved and deposited money into this bank account. Yesterday, December 18, Chegg posted a transaction to my account for $19.95. I contacted Chegg again today, December 19, and the agent said I will receive a credit in 3-5 days. The agent named Lydia said, "I need to relax and they are doing everything they can."


I subscribed for textbook help on Chegg. After paying the subscription fee I could not find the textbook answers on their website although it does list the book . I am very disappointed because there is no direct access to their customer service not even via email. All that comes up is FAQ which does not help with my issue. I would like to have a refund.

unauthorized debit card charges

I was charged twice on my debit card for the amount of $14.95 each on 07/31/2019 and 08/06/2019 respectively.
Please investigate because I did not purchase anything on your website on those dates and I already closed my account on 06/07/2019.
Can you please issue a refund on my debit card?
See attached photos on each transaction. Thank you very much!
~Allen Romen Jinon

unauthorized debit card charges
unauthorized debit card charges

charged for servieces that did not recieve

They have charged my credit card for a total ammount of 65 euros for services that I never recieved. No...

chegg quality-math

You pay a monthly fee to help you with learn from their questions and math examples but 80% of them are WRONG. I love the idea of this website but honestly why am I paying so much money so that I can be taught the wrong way? I used to There math section to work on a review sheet and my real life tutor graded it and only 7 out of 40 questions were right. Ridiculous. Maybe hire someone to quality check or something. We shouldn't have to pay this much money to be given wrong lessons and wrong examples.

coordinators and website functionality

The coordinators are very greedy and not helpful at all to their subject matter experts.
They don't perform their duty of honest and correct review of experts' answers. Some coordinators even give 0 score without reading what question ask. They never reply to questions or doubts asked by subject matter experts in the official WhatsApp group or via email.

Chegg websites also fail sometimes. Submitting a question's solution after 1.5 hours it says you already skipped it even though I clicked on ANSWER button and clock start ticking.

Chegg authority needs to take stern action against their Subject matter expert coordinators or the whole Chegg community will suffer for their deeds.

  • Updated by Shivam Maurya · Apr 05, 2019

    It is all about Subject Matter Expert Coordinators. They are greedy and don't perform their duty honestly and correctly.

    Coordinators at Chegg never reply to Experts's question either in official Whatsapp group or via mail. The coordinators at Chegg are making students' and experts' experiences worst and it will cause loss directly to whole chegg community.

    One of the worst example of coordinators lazyness is they review expert answers and score it 0 without reading what is being asked in question. Experts need to remind them to read whole question and then score correctly.

    Chegg websites also fail sometimes to meet user expectation. After solving student question for 1.5 hours, at the time of submit the site respond that you have skip this question even when the question is never skipped and answer clock is ticking.

pandora advertisement

Just want to report that I found the Chegg advertisement that I keep hearing on Pandora inappropriate due to its obvious sexual innuendo (i.e. the woman is speaking in a seductive tone, talking about "oh there was bonding" "stripped of all" "finally exposed" Clearly meant to appeal to college students, I just dont think we should be encouraging sexual promiscuity while attempting to advertise for tutoring and textbook rentals. Surely, we can get more creative than this and find a way to advertise in a way that is not inappropriate.

false charges

I purchased one item for my daughter early fall 2018. Chegg has repeatedly charged my card for "Chegg Study"...

sold non working code to college student and refuses to refund money

Entire family did business with chegg for years.
Then they sold a non working book code
They refused to refund the money
Now a college student is stuck without a book needed for class
Called them
Asked to speak with a manager

They did not care
Basically said
Eat it

Word to the wise

Had similar issue with other sites and they had no problem refunding.

  • Updated by Collegekidcheggfrauded · Sep 12, 2018

    Bought E book code from chegg for $86.49
    Doesn't work
    They refuse to refund the money

    Do not use chegg

the registration process

Hi Team, The link that is provided in the email for statistics test is not a private one and iOS and...

online tutor job on chegg

I joined as a tutor for chegg last Friday after completing all my guidelines as per their instructions but...



I bought my books from chegg two weeks into the semester. I watched the price go down on them. Then I ordered...

I am complaining about my book being late

My order number is PXWYZZQ7, I placed this order and paid $17 for shipping to have it here today and it won't...

chegg account hacked. chegg won't refund my money

I just discovered that my Chegg account was hacked. I closed my subscription over a month ago and saw that my...

“customer service”

I called on April 3, 2018 & spoke w/Jamal starting at 3:39 PM CST. I asked for a return address label as I hadn't received it since my call in late Jan. Initially, Jamal was trying to be helpful, however, he became condescending and haughty during the conversation which put me on the defensive. Once Jamal started treating me that way, I asked to speak to his manager. He refused, saying there is no one of a higher level for me to speak to. This behavior is completely unacceptable for anyone in a "service" role. My initial call in Jan. Was with Ronald, who was kind and helpful. However, I did not receive all the pertinent information in regards to returning my son's books apparently.
Additionally, I cancelled all services with Chegg during my conversation with Jamal. I do not want to see any more charges from Chegg on my account in the future. I was also told that my account would be reimbursed for $14.95 that was charged March 19, 2018.

expert login error

Hello, My self Anshul Singh i was worked in chegg india pvt ltd as chegg expert (ME) from last two...


order number - t8r0q3r5

I am writing as I am very upset right now. I rented a book for my son - Chinese Link for 36.99. I was sent the incorrect book from Chegg. When I called the support line, the student advocate advised that she could return the book, issue a refund and I could re-rent the book and she would waive the expedited fee. When I went online to rent the book it was now 85.99 for rent. When I advised that I should not be penalized because Chegg sent me the incorrect book, she advised she could send me a 10% percent coupon. Well, the coupon would still have me paying much more to rent the book. I think that since Chegg made the mistake, they should have resent me the book and sent it with expedited shipping for the same price that I paid for it. I feel that your advocate did not have my best interest when assisting me. She should have advised me that is she returns the book, that it may be a different rental rate...and I would have told her not to return the book. As a repeat customer, and with 3 more years of college I feel that Chegg would have wanted to make their mistake right...and by charging me 50.00 additional dollars because of a warehouse error was not making the situation right. I attempted to speak with a supervisor, but they were all too busy to speak with me...I stayed on the line with the student advocate for almost 30 minutes and no resolution. If your supervisors are not going to be available for me to voice my complaints, the student advocate should at least be able to provide me with a number to speak with someone in the complaints department. I was going to make a complaint online...but I see that there are so many complaints against the company already.

I feel like the student advocates should be trained to make the consumer aware the book may be more if we cancel prior to offering it as an option...and I feel that if Chegg makes a mistake they should not overcharge the consumer due to their error. I think the correct resolution would have been to provide me with the correct book at the original rental rate. This would have satisfied me as a customer.

order number - t8r0q3r5


I created an account with Chegg on 12/8/2017 in order to sell a textbook. I mailed my book and was given the estimate of 12/18 for payment. On 12/26 I received an email stating that we will not accept my book and I can either donate the book or have the book returned at no cost. I request for the book to be returned. On 1/4 I called customer service to get an update. The lady on the phone was friendly and sounded helpful. She said she would make the request with the warehouse to have it mailed back. A week later I didn't get an update so I made another phone call on 1/11, once again the customer agent sounded friendly but according to him there was no record of my previous call and he promised that he will reach out to the warehouse and have my book sent back.

I am writing this complaint for these reasons:

1.This has been a frustrating and time consuming process that has normally been efficient and easy with other companies.
2. Chegg has my property and the way things are going I most likely won't get it back.
3.I have this weird feeling that this is a con in which Chegg gets to keep my book for free.
4. There seems to be a breakdown in service and communication in this company.
5. The company is lacking in accountability and do not trust this company.
6. I feel helpless and have no right to my property or compensation for potentially missing book.
7. Most importantly, I want other potential consumer to not waste their time or money and go elsewhere for service.

Overpriced textbooks

Why do they think that students are rich?
Yes, we pay money for our education because it's necessary to be educated in this world reality.
Why don't they want to find any compromise?
The textbooks are overpriced. Some books are essential to have, but I, for example, can't afford to buy them.
The exact book I need was found only on this website, I looked for it in different places, but didn't find. What am I to do then?
Please, Chegg, think of it.

sold two books to chegg. paid me for one but told me the other book was in bad shape and would not pay me for it.

The book I sent was never opened or used. They said maybe was damaged during delivery. Which I don't believe. I used the criteria that they described to evaluate the condition of the book and was in good condition. If they didn't want the book should have said so. Wonder if they are going to sell the book which they didn't pay for. After reading other reviews I understand the problem with this company.

very very bad

Here's my awkward story.
I ordered a Human Anatomy & Physiology Book.
They send me a book about Elementary Statistics...
I would understand if they sent me a different book about anatomy, but I wonder what the statistics have to do with the anatomy & physiology???
I contacted them and said they made a stupid mistake.
Two weeks later I got the right book but had to ship the wrong one back at my expense.
This is great, isn't it?

Compensation ISBN [protected] Delivery

Hello, I ordered a book on the 21st of August and still have not received it. I understand about the delay...

won't buy back book they sent me 2 days prior saying it was in terrible condition

I bought a book and receive it and literally 2 days later turned around to sell it back to them in the exact same condition they sent it to me in and they said it was in no condition to be bought back and wouldn't 'give me one cent back. they said the book was in poor condition (which it wasn't and didn't fall into one of the criteria they categorize as poor condition) and even if it really was in poor condition then why did they sell it to me in that condition?

I returned both of my books but still being charged

On May 17, 2017, I returned "Perspectives on Arguments" and "They Say/ I Say" within the same box. The two...


Study service

I want to warn all students to stay away from this company . They renew charges on your credit card without any notifications, and at higher prices!
(For these recent 2 years.)
And then they will not cancel the service till the end of the fraudulent subscription, citing a no refund policy. The supervisor call was not effective in correcting the corruption either. They need a class action lawsuit ..
On top of that, about half their solutions for physics are wrong, as per other professors I know. I now have the credit card company looking into the dispute.

They charged me for using free trial!

Their free trial is nothing but scam, don't believe Chegg, they will steal your money!
I tried their free trial and was charged $50 for who knows what. And when I contacted Chegg support and demanded some explanation and my money back, they pretended that they had no idea what was I talking about. They said that if it was said "free" then it was "free" and they claimed that they never took my money!
No matter what I said they insisted they had nothing to do with that. This site is nothing but scam, not only they stole from me but they also called me a liar! Save your money and time and avoid Chegg!

Package never received

I ordered my textbooks off of Chegg before the semester began. So this would have been January 22, 2017. It...

Inappropriate pandora advertisement

Dear Chegg,
I heard an advertisement on Pandora that I was deeply offended by. The one that says that not getting the last homework problem and how that stresses you out, and when you are stressed out you pull out your eyebrows, etc. I don't know if you realize but that is an actual condition. Trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by the need to pull out hair. Whether the one who created this ad did or did not know about this condition upsets me and other individuals suffering from this disorder. It is not only caused by stress, but also by boredom. People who have this disorder are typically very sensitive on this subject. We do not want to pull at our eyebrows or other hairs, it is an insatiable need, most of the time it is a subconscious habit that we do not even realize we are doing. So I take a great deal of offense to your advertisement playing this off as a joke. I get that you are trying to sell a product, but by personally insulting individuals with this issue is inappropriate. I personally feel self-conscious about my eyebrows and eyelashes because I have suffered from this disorder for almost 6 years. I am constantly worrying whether people will notice, and when they do, they are not sensitive in the way they ask about it. I am uncomfortable with the insults that come with having this condition and the constant reality that people don't think I hold up to the beauty standards of having full eyebrows or long, thick eyelashes. I do not need my condition made a joke and used for advertising purposes by ignorant companies. I, along with many other individuals impacted by this disorder, ask that you remove this advertisement because simply it is one more way that enforces the stigma against trichotillomania. Another thing is that many people begin pulling at hairs to cope with stress, so it should not be something encouraged or advertised as a coping mechanism. You may not think of it that way, but for someone who may have never tried it, it may become a serious habit. Pulling out hair for people with this disorder is done because it releases certain chemicals in the brain that are soothing or even satiable. It is something that once you start, it is very hard to stop because of the small burst of satisfaction that comes from it. Please take this seriously because not only can this disorder have emotional implications, but physical ones as well. Eyebrows and eyelashes in particular have very important roles and your eyes can be damaged when these hairs are missing. Understand that although this ad may not have meant to target trichotillomania, it has indeed triggered negative emotions within some, as well as demeaning the disorder into something that can be fixed with a tutor membership. Take this issue seriously as you would any other because it is not something anyone chooses, nor would any of us experiencing it wish it upon anyone else. Thank you for your time and please consider pulling this advertisement.
A Concerned Individual

  • Gr
    greencoke Feb 20, 2017

    The people who made this ad were probably just referring to the common saying about pulling your own hair out. However, the condition is not something to joke about and i found the ad offensive.

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  • Tr
    trash cant Mar 09, 2017

    @greencoke I agree. I found this ad triggering and I want to make it so it will stop coming up on my spotify ads!

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  • Te
    testingsec Apr 25, 2017


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  • De
    Deadlyrose Aug 05, 2017

    There is another commercial they have where they "answer" the question "why are textbooks so expensive?" I am in retail similar to textbooks and we make so litte money from this type of busiesss! I am so outraged by how they try to portay the middle class as owning yachts.

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Price of my book increased while checkout

I had searched for a business text book that i wanted to rent from i found the one i wanted and added it to my cart. Since i was renting the book the price was $21 something, i wasn't sure of the date format of the due date if they wrote yy/dd/mm or yy/mm/dd since they did not clearly write the day and month, so i just check a few forums to be sure. when i proceeded to check out, they increased the price of my book rental to $79. I don't understand why they would do that, i was so happy to find this book for that (earlier price) since my mid-terms were near. But $79 just to rent the same book, it's unbelievable. Very bad advertising, and wrong on the company's part.


I was a loyal Chegg user and loved this place. But that was then and now I'm trying to cancel my account. I'm extremely disappointed with Chegg and their service. They automatically signed me up for Chegg study program and charged my card! They never asked me if I was interested in that, they never asked my permission, just took my money and that's all. When I asked for a refund they refused. I asked for some reasonable explanation, but what they said made absolutely no sense. Terrible!

can't cancel my account

Wanted to cancel my subscription because I had enough of Chegg. There was no way I could do that myself so I contacted their customer service and asked them for help. They replied me something that made no sense and did nothing. They gave me some sort of link and said that I need to go there and request my account cancellation. I told that I'm not doing that and that I want them to cancel right away and they just blocked me!

Refused to pay for the book

I went to Chegg website and sold a book. Their website looked very professional and seemed to be reliable. Three weeks passed and I received no money from them. So I called Chegg customer service after three weeks of waiting. I was told that they could not find my book in their inventory system and so they cannot pay me for it. I knew they were lying because I had a delivery confirmation email from my postage service stating that Chegg received the book. Not to mention that they hold me at fault for the lost product and refused to pay me. I told them that I have proofs they've received the book, but they just ignored me. These thieves took my book and refuse to pay me! What a scam.

  • Jake Neifert   Feb 24, 2016

    "DO NOT GO THROUGH CHEGG. I decided to sell my books through this site and I put 2 books in the same box. First off, it took me almost 2 months to get paid, and only reason I did was because I emailed them so many times about my books. Second off, they said they couldn't find my second book so I only got paid for one. This was their error because I sent them in the same box and their order numbers were the same. "

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This service I thought was a good solution to assist with me homework or getting my questions answered. A lot the time the solution manuals only provided part answers or completely wrong answers. Recently the Q/A under their study service has be utterly useless. I've received answers that were obviously wrong or only partly correct. I tried getting help with Java and they made a complete mess of it by giving me wrong code that won't even produce the correct sample output. I don't know if these experts are study, fake being stupid, or have no idea what they're doing. When it comes to Java questions or programming they are completely useless like a bear with a sore tail! Chegg study is ultimately just a great big scam as is their Q&A section. Want a right answer your better off using on of your school's tutors or a help book! Either they get better experts (who actually give right answers) and actually fix their blatantly obvious wrong solution manuals or they'll have people leaving the service left and right. Even if I cancel and leave they'll probably still charge me...

Shipping information or options

Our daughter will be a freshman in college this upcoming Fall semester. She had put off ordering one of her books as she had a question for the instructor regarding edition. When she went to order the book online she decided to try Chegg as they had the book used and $40 dollars less than the college bookstore. She entered the order but was never given any shipping information or options and at the end of the transaction, before clicking on "place order" there was a message giving her the expected date of shipment - almost three weeks from the date of order placement. She went back to see if she could expedite the order but there were no options or information, despite Chegg stating on their textbook homepage that books can be expedited. She didn't need the book for ten days which is ample time to have sent by almost any means. I took over from there and called Chegg directly. The customer service rep was sweet but clueless and could not give us any shipping information whatsoever, only stating that maybe there aren't any options for where we lived (?!). I should have asked to speak to a supervisor but I was so shocked that I didn't immediately think about it. I tried going back and following the order steps again but once you are logged in the system remembers the previously incomplete order and will not delete it, even when you remove the item from your basket. Our daughter ended up ordering the textbook through the college using two day air - of which she was able to choose to use and was given three shipping options.

Chegg needs to do some serious revamping of their shipping policies and customer service. I doubt we will try to do business again.

  • Valerie Sep 16, 2008

    I ordered a textbook from Chegg and I never received it! It has now been three weeks since my book went into 'transit' and they haven't returned any of my 5 e-mails or ten plus phone calls. My advice to you is to not order anything from Chegg. They're customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with! I cant believe a company can operate like this.

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  • Ta
    Tania Sep 16, 2008

    I received my textbooks, but I paid priority mail for them and received one of them incredibly late. They did not respond to my emails and no sales representative contacted me. What disgusts me is the cheesy paragraph on their site under customer support -- "We know what it's like dealing with the other guys. You know waiting for their email replies after 2 days.." How hypocritical! In fact, of all the online companies I've dealt with, is the only company who has not responded to my emails. It's unprofessional and I'm very very upset... though.. I might still end up ordering from them because they have really great prices in comparison to my school store.. I'll just order well in advance next time.

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deceptive practice

Chegg has a shady practice & a ripoff. It has an automatic checkoff to join Chegg Study, which most people don't notice. It should not be automatic. Chegg should be ashamed, exposed and the practice stopped. The number to call is [protected]. My backstory: I have been paying my son's credit card since he is a student. Since last fall I have been paying Chegg $14.95 every month & thought my son was renting a text book. Last week, I finally asked him about the charge and he knew nothing about it. I called the above number and they said there is an automatic checkmark authorizing a "study" charge. Said he probably "didn't notice it", which obviously is exactly what they are banking on. They are giving a refund for the original &70 + a refund for 6 months worth of charges. I objected, saying this is a shady practice and they should refund all charges. Chegg said they are only authorized to give a 6 month refund. I asked for supervisor who is scheduled to call me back. They will get an earful about this dishonest practice and a persistent demand for a full refund. I don't give up easily. Everyone who has experienced this should send a report to the Better Business Bureau and any other outlet for evaluating scams like, /link removed/ etc. Google Chegg [redacted]

homework help

Don't ever use this website to order books or service.
The customer service never answer the phone and their online products are fraud!
They charged me $99.99 annually for the service which I have naver used for past two years.
I tried to called tham ten times and waited more than one hour and able to talk to a representative.
The representative told me that iit was my fault (100%) that I didn't cancel the service two years ago.
She said that the account automatically renews and charges automatically on my credit card annually unless I go through the canceling process.
I couldn't able to cancel the service online!!!
The CHEGG website keep shows that they have a system error so I couldn't cancel the account!


  • Te
    Terreri Feb 06, 2016

    Totally agree, how do you cancel that stupid thing cuz theysay to call or chat and none answered me

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Book charge for non returnable items

Ordered a one time use code for my daughters college. At return time the item was listed to return. Called and they said it does not need to be returned. Later, late charge goes to my credit card. Called, said it does not need to be returned and they would fix it. Sent a refund check. Next was the charge for the full purchase price because it was not returned.

Trying to contact them? They make it as difficult as possible. Want to cancel your account? Not that easy either.

  • Aj
    A J Bennington Jr Jun 22, 2014

    This charge has popped up on my Diners Club Mastercard charge account. It wasfollowed by two other charges for services and or products that were never purchased. I have never heard of CHEGG and there is no contact phone number for the alleged merchant. Furthermore, this credit card was locked in a safe during the time the charges were made!

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  • Tr
    truth is mine Jun 22, 2014

    it took me 5 seconds to find the contact page on chegg(.)com
    in the right side of the page click "call us" and choose your type of inquiry.

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Credit card Fruad

Chegg Education posted 4 charges of $60.82 and 2 charges of $57.57 to my bank account without authorization. All charges were made after midnight, one after the other. I had never heard of this company. I had never visited their web site. I had never bought or charged anything from this company. I have no clue how they got my credit card number or billing information. After speaking with Wells Fargo and canceling the card, I did call Chegg's customer service phone number and it was answered by American Express. I told them the problem and they had me hold while they got 'a service representative from that company.' American Express stated they handle the 'transactions' for this company but could not help me. After holding 10 min, I finally had someone answer the phone who yelled at me that they are not responsible, call my bank. I tried to explain that my bank said the charges were still pending. If they cancelled the transaction, it would reverse the charges and solve the problem. I made it clear this was fraud and I never purchased anything from them. The woman asked if I had an order number. I explained I didn't have an order number because I never purchased anything. She told me to call my bank and hung up on me. Wells Fargo said they will 'review the charges' and make a decision in 10 business days on if they will refund any or all of the funds. I asked them what they mean by may refund any of my funds. I was told that they would decide if the charges met criteria for a refund after the charges were posted. Right now all they had was authorization to put the money on hold. I asked if I can un-authorize the charges since it is my money and I never authorized it in the first place. I was told no. The bank refused to stop the transaction from going through, even though when notified, the charge had not been paid.

Charge on my debt card I have never ordered anything from this company

I have received a charge of $150.40 on my bank statement. I have never heard of this company, nor have I ever...