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published book

My book name is Amazing Financial Strategies by Jackie Hooks..I never got any royalties. It appears on Amazon even today as a sold out item... contact me [protected]
Cannot get hold of anyone..what should I do to get my money..Barnes and Noble royalties or any other royalties due to me. Is there any other class action lawsuits going on at this time?


I wrote 2 books published by this company. The 2nd book I never received any royalties at all. I called them 3 years ago and they said it was because I didnt have a PayPal account and that was how they were paying. At that time they said I had $187.00. I ask that they send it to me but they said they couldnt. I should have much more money than that but i didnt know what to do so i left it alone.
My books were, A Truckers wife and The Chaney House Ghost by Marla Woolsey.

don't keep their promises

My book Potpourri of Poems Susan O'Neal (me) was published in May 2012. It was promised that there would...

Kinston Other

not paying royalties

This company published my book "Vietnam As I Remember" in February 2017 and were supposed to pay royalties in Aug 2017 and have not paid a penny.
The book is still being sold on Amazon world wide and price ranges from $17.95 to $461.00. Some say out of stock where before they said only 10 in stock or only 1 left, I have purchased two from Amazon myself. The companies web site will not load, they do not answer emails or phone calls as of Aug 2017. All indications that they have went out of business leaving hundreds of authors hanging out to dry.

Bin #-[protected] darnell hofler-[protected]

Publish american have sold my book for the past 7 years all over the world and has told me there was not any sales and fail to give me one dime.
This company ask me to buy my rights back. After there did not correct the arrows and I have spent over $500.00 to them without getting one dime for my work. This can not be legal? Is there someone to help me?

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misleading authors to publish their books

In 2007 I published a book with Publish America God's Gift A Child A lesson in Love, By Eleanor J. Monroe. The company failed to make the necessary corrections before publication, even though I sent them in before a timely manner. My book was a complete failure, Then that wanted to charge me to make the corrections. I believe this is how they scam authors to make money. This book came from my heart, and my struggles and triumphs of having a child with special needs. I was so hurt and discussed and suffered from a state of depression for a year before I could come to terms with what this organization had done to me. I felt that there was nothing to be done, until I researched and found out that they have done this to numerations authors hoping to make their dreams come true. I deserve retribution and the right to republish my book, to revise the mistake that Publish America made. I have no doubt that this was done on purpose.
Thank you
Eleanor J. Monroe

Defrauds its authors

Publish America has paid me $17.57 since July, 2008. . They lead their authors into a false sense of...

Over priced books

Publish America is ripping us authors off!! They want us to buy our books and then sell them ourselves but even with our discounts they are too expensive. Especially when we have to pay $3.99 shipping for each book ordered. I have three books with them. I bought the first two and was able to sell them But with the shipping adding on, I didn't make any profit what so ever. I was lucky to get enough to pay off my credt card. My third book is still sitting there. It was published in 2010 and not one book has been sold, not even to me. I refuse to buy any and they have not even tried to get it sold. For the length of the book, it is wayyyyyy too expensive. If I refuse to pay their price, I don't expect anyone else to either. What a rip off!!

Deceptive practices

If you have been deceived by Publish America, there is a lawsuit filed by Hagens, Bergman, Sobel, Shapiro, LLP.
Contact Info: [protected]

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    jessica bell Jun 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I personally went throught this nightmare with Kaplan. But Being the pig headed person who refuses to back down, I turned them in to the bbb.I posted remarks about them all over their web sites. I called the corp office And I screamed rudely at their so called unbudsman that was handling my case. I got my check over night. But I would love to do a lawsuit against them to get them shut down once and fo all

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personally, i think its a bunch of ### as an author of publish america, you have to buy your own damn book...

publishing of manuscripts

Publish America would probably publish any manuscript past 20 pages long. I wrote a decent book once. It is true that it cost me nothing up front. But all of the sales and marketing falls upon the author. They were no help at all. My initial order of books was at a great discount. Then all further orders kept going up and up in price until it didn't make any sence to order again. You cannot sell a 120 page book for $19.95! I would have had to do that to make .60 per copy. (compared to my first order when I could make a profit of $3.90. per unit, and also sell the book for $9.95. Fortunately I had my own music store to sell them through. But in the long run it was very hard to make a good profit. And this is really why you want to write, not just to see your name in print. If I ever write again, I will spend more time searching out a more reputable publisher! I hope this helps any future authors!

  • Ah
    ahagblom May 27, 2012

    I too have been scammed by Publish America. I wrote my book in 2010, I along with at least 100 of my friends and family bought my book and I ended up seeing no royalties. They simply told me that my book didn't sell anything. My book is also way over priced. My book is on barnes and noble's website for $24.95 when I can pick up the new Nicholas Sparks book for $11.99. I am very interested in going together to file a class action lawsuit or something to at least get money I'm owed and my rights back. Please contact me if anyone is doing so... [email protected]

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  • Ji
    Jing04 Nov 28, 2012

    I found this on another listing on this website. If you have been deceived by Publish America, there is a lawsuit filed by Hagens, Bergman, Sobel, Shapiro, LLP.
    Contact Info: [email protected]

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total lies

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 06:56:15 -0500
Subject: RE: BBB Complaint Case#[protected](Ref#85-[protected]-[protected]-13-500)

They have an F, the lowest Rating which can be assigned to a company.

Barbara G. Enders | Director, Dispute Resolution & Trade Practices

Tel: [protected]

Fax: [protected]

Email: [protected] | Start With Trust


BBB | Greater Maryland

502 S. Sharp Street, Suite 1200

Baltimore, MD [protected]

I wish io knew this before I signed up with this company

book pricing

This is my first published book, a children's book, meant to be read aloud. It is a collection of short...

False advertising

Warning: PublishAmerica

PublishAmerica advertises that they don't want your money. then they offer and inundate you with “Bargains, ” offer you representation and press releases, and you never hear from them again.

They make a lot of money because no matter how much your book weighs; whatever “bargain” they offer you have to buy books to get it, i.e., Book Fairs, Catalog listings, Promises to promote, promote, promote.

Here's the catch: Even if your book of Poetry weighs 3, 4, or 5 ounces; every book is shipped at a cost of $3.99 which you have to purchase; then pay for shipping. For example: Your overpriced book, weighs 5ounces. Your offered agents, talent scouts, introductions to traditional publishers, Hollywood movie making, etc., etc.

So you pay for your books: They demand a minimum order and then you are charged $3.99 for each book to be shipped. On their blog it states you can no where find better shipping rates. They are unprofessional, discourteous, promise to post you and your website, etc., etc. and you never find a thing. Most of their most important links are always broken. They are so arrogant as to quote one of their Authors

They will offer to sell YOU Hard Covers to buy but they claim (as documented) that they do not publish hard covers. They are not available for sale or listed for sale. For example: my soft cover has an ISBN on the inside front cover for a Hard Cover. No such Hard Cover exists.

Here is an example of an Author amazed at their cover: Their art department is the only thing of value. Below is from their actual Home page. Why would anyone publish much less advertise such poor grammar.” Go and look at the quickly moving “Author” quotes on the top. I copied directly from their home page but it would not convert.

PublishAmerica Cover Design
i just reviewed the front cover and i gotta say i'm very impressed

I have 573 saved emails from PublishAmerica that come almost daily and often, which are resent if you don't reply. Available to any Journalist. At this time I will provide my name.
Frederick, MD 21705

False advertising

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    One of many betrayed authors Mar 27, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You say that comment text cannot be empty. My originally leaving comment text empty was just a metaphor for Publish America (America Star Publishing) soul. It is just empty, but what they will eventually come to realize is that all things do have a season. Their season will come. America Star Publishing/Publish America, think that they have absolute power, but what they have forgotten that absolute-corrupted- power does eventually fall ... absolutely.

    If anyone say they are impressed right now with the outlandish publisher mentioned above, be very careful. Remember what the Spider said to the Fly. "Welcome to my Web ..., " and we all know how that turned out for the Fly ...if we are not wearing blinders ... we do.

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This is the long awaited book sale totals from PA from their remarkable advertising campaign. I wasted all of my strength and marketing energies for them to do this to me? Now I am on board with all of the of disgruntled authors that I use to just read about. This is what I received just yesterday you decide and below it is my response to their con game. After you read this share your thoughts and opinions to: [protected] put PA in subject line.

Royalty statement period: February, 2011 to July, 2011
Your book sold no copies during this past sales period.

Author: Darrell Willis Sr.
Title: St. Moses, Handicapped Hunter

Retail Discount 0%
Returned Books 0
Quantity 0
Sales Price $0.00
Total Amount of Royalties Payable: $0.00

Frequently Asked Royalty Statement Questions:

What Happened To Books Sold Last Month: all books bought directly from PA are included in this statement; books sold through vendors, including. Amazon, may not yet be included. PA pays royalties on sales proceeds that it has received. Vendors, however, have up to 90 days or longer to pay PA. Thus, PA may not have received payments yet for books sold by some retailers and online vendors. PA will include royalties for those sales on the next royalty statement.

What Are My Royalty Cut-off Months: January and July, typically the last week; we forward our semi-annual statements at the end of February and August.

Where Are The Royalties On Copies Of My Own Book That I Bought: authors are not paid royalties on books that they purchase themselves, per your contract, unless we ran a special promotion that indicated otherwise.

Who Do I Contact For Questions About My Statement: email your query to [protected]; we will make every attempt to fully answer your question within seven business days.

To whom this may concern,

No! I have at least a hundred different websites showing that my book is being sold worldwide. Some of my books are being sold as used now meaning that some were read. I can't even begin to express my level of disappointment with this news.

I have proof verifying that your companies accounting methods are inaccurate and needs to be overhauled. I would suggest that you rerun the numbers again as I have evidence that reveals sales of my book on an International level.

If some area of resolve in this matter can not be found then I will be left with no alternative but to
forward all information regarding this matter to the MD District Attorney's Office.

Darrell A. Willis Sr.
"St. Moses, Handicapped Hunter"


  • 3s
    3Stacy6 Mar 31, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I will never use them again. I had no idea that they were con artists. I had such a difficult time understanding the contract. It was my understanding that all rights belong to me. I had found typos that weren't my fault and I had a letter stating that they will fix any typos free of charge. I told them about this and they denied it saying that I will have to pay for corrections. I have just 4 typos. They want to charge me $200. That's $50 a word!! Are they kidding me? I know I'm a good writer but how will people know when PA won't do any leg work? I even believe my books are grossly overpriced by about $12. But what can I do? Rewrite some of the book, change the title and take it elsewhere? It IS my book. They've already breached the contract. I haven't heard from them about my royalties. I was supposed to hear something by Feb. It's almost April. I'm going to try to get out of my contract.

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  • Da
    dave2010 Mar 31, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's sad that so many aspiring authors have been taken advantage of by PA. I wish that all of you would contact the Attorney General's Office in your individual states, and let's expose these PA crooks together on a united front. If you all would back me I will spearhead the campaign to expose PA'S fraud. Send me an email saying "let's unite" in the subject line to [email protected], and I will add you to an ever growing list of swindled authors in preparation of getting the attention of the Attorney General.

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MORE NEW PROMO FRAUD PUT OUT BY PUBLISH AMERICA !!! One scam leads to another---Book Masters has teamed up with PA . Graph Expo in Chicago know nothing about PA being there.
now PA authors can send in $299 and get weekly updates on status of one book for six months .
all on my site

  • Pa
    paula commerford Jul 29, 2011
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Stay away from

Well being a writer and just wrote my second book, publish america made promises on I seeing my book in all book stores, that it will advertised in the local paper, and also made into a movie...etc I have not seen any of these promises being done...not even one royalty pymt...after one yr...well this tells me they are not who the say ...I would like to find a agent, or a publishing co that say what what they promise and do it ...if any one can help me please do, and stay away from

Theft of Royalities

California Books is steal selling my...

Rip me off

I had a book published by Publish America, the quality was garbage, the price was way over priced and they just keep raising the price without my concent. I have wrote them many times and they just keep rejecting my complaints, they also won't pay nothing when my book is sold, they have breached their own contract many times and I want my book off their web site. I was hoping there were others who have had this same problem and found that there are many thousands who have had the same scam done to them by this company. I also want to know if there is anyone who can tell me what to do, so I can get my book out of these rip offs hands and try to recover what they have stolen from me... What a rip off, I would not recomend publish America to no one, , It is a big scam and they publish junk books, over priced, and they are destroying many authors dreams of being a published author...

  • Sn
    snowflakesandiamonds Jun 24, 2010

    Yes and people like you have nothing better to do than to make trouble, , , Go to hell where you belong, what are you a pig or something worse, , probably, , nothing better to do, , you need to write a book, nothing better to do for dummies, dummy

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  • Di
    dirdeedeedz Jun 25, 2010

    To the business owner: Dawniette is an individual who has set out to cause damage to businesses listed on here. Her (or his) sole purpose is to cause damage. I am in discussion with the law firm of Starrs Mihm, LLP to bring extortion and defamation charges against Complaints Board. In that process, we can subpoena records relating to the IP address of "Dawniette". Consequently, this sewer rat will be made public. If you would like to join me, please send an email to [email protected] (designated for this website), and I will have my attorney's contact you. I have the wherewithal and vigor to stop this.

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  • Aj
    ajaf2005 Jun 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dawniette, you are an idiot.

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  • Aj
    ajaf2005 Jul 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hold on a second, let's take a look at that word: "idiot." An idiot, by definition, is a person of subnormal intelligence. Does gathering intelligence and making one more well prepared for an argument, make one an idiot?

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  • Wh
    whoknowsbutme Sep 25, 2013

    Take action people. Don't only take advice but take action and follow the advice. Read on

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Blatant Breach of Contract

What boggles my mind is the fact that this and other websites aren't filled with hundreds of agreeing...