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Complaints & Reviews

online scam

A year ago I received three audiobooks from audible.com. When I received the e-mails informing me of my gifts, I clicked on the "www.audible.com/redeem" link in the e-mail. I was then taken to a log in screen. You have to have an account (complete with credit card number) in order to redeem gifts. After logging in, I was taken to a "are you sure you want to redeem this?" screen. I clicked redeem, and was charged for the audiobook. My credit card was charged as if I went to their website, put a book in my cart, and bought it. I called customer service, and they promptly fixed the problem.

Yesterday, one year later, I get a gift from audible... And the exact same thing happens. I call to get it fixed, and am told that this happens all the time. They obviously know this is a problem, and they do nothing to rectify the situation... Nothing for the last year.

I am irate that I cannot receive a gift from them without strife. I realize that I can copy the redeem code, go to the website, and paste it in the box... But, I shouldn't have to if there is a link in the e-mail. A link that they are happy to leave broken. Shame on me for assuming they care enough for their customers to fix a broken link that charges people for presents that have already been paid for by another person.

I have politely asked the person who gifts me these books to give me an itunes card instead!

they suck!

My son cancelled his account and they still charged him the following month... Incurring $40.00 in overdraft...