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Audible Headquarters One Washington Park Newark NJ, US

Hello all,

Please know that I originally joined Audible in early 2014 for 1 month. After I tried the 30 day trial, I decided to join for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, I cancelled (or thought I did) my membership. Only to find out, the following month I was billed via my debit card yet again, and again, and again, and yet one more time again. Until, I closed my checking account and cancelled my credit card that I had for 8 years! One would think, this would have worked.

Hell no! I am an Amazon Prime member and user and use Amazon for not only my personal shopping but my corporate and professional use too. The corporation that I work for hast given to me corporate Visa Card to use for my business expenses (AND ONLY) for company expenses. IE: pens, copy paper, airlines tickets, hotels etc. So, I'm doing my weekly expense report to turn into my employer and find a charge for 15.96 back last July 2016. "Hmmm, that's weird, I didn't buy anything from Audible last month" I'm saying to myself. So, I call my company and tell them. We cancel my card due to unauthorized charges. Get re issued a new card and the same thing happens!! My company that I work with at this time is thinking I have charged another 15.96 transaction to Audible using their card unauthorized...I argue, and demand to see the transaction, and ultimately I GET WRITTEN UP AT WORK for this charge.

Well, I find out this evening that Audible found it necessary to continue my bogus membership even though I had cancelled it and decided "The Prime Amazon membership credit cards on your account, have been charged for Audible for the past 10 months." When I asked who authorized this I was told my customer service "it's in our terms and conditions that we reserve the right to use cards on file" Now, I do not claim to be a banker or a fraud investigator or even an attorney. However, I am a successful business women who has been so for 30+ years and I KNOW this IS FRAUD!!! So, after getting written up and now having a question regarding my integrity with my career corporation residing in my personal HR file, to say I am pissed off is an complete and utter understatement!

However, in the wonderful internet and all Wifi type world in which we live, there is NO ONE at Audible that will take my call in management or anywhere else for that matter! Thus me writing this down to possibly save others from this so called company and their rip off unauthorized credit card scam!

If any one else out there has experienced this kind of unprofessional crap, please reach out to me so we can join a class action suit against this corporation.

Kind regards,

C Black

Dec 05, 2016

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