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I was surprised to see that a company under the logo would engage in such fraudulent business practices. I am currently disputing four months of a subscription that I do not remember signing up for. Not only that, the customer "support" at could not even find my credit card information on their computers! I am hoping that my bank will be able to successfully dispute their credit card charges over the next few months. Until then, I will spread this message to friends and family: do not ever use, I and several hundred others online have lost a lot of money to this greedy company!

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  • Rh
      Jul 31, 2012

    We had a similar experience. Amazon denies sharing information with Audible, but that doesn't seem credible in light of what happened to us.

    We had several months worth of charges when I finally thought to ask my husband what he was buying on the shared card. He was mystified, so I called Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo called Audible and conferenced me in. While we waited on the line, the rep used all of our email addresses and telephone numbers. She was able to find my husband's address based on his phone number, but his email address was not linked to an account with Audible. The WF rep eventually gave up, hung up on Audible, and passed me over to the fraud department. The card was cancelled, and all the charges were refunded to us.

    After we received the new card, we both updated our information with Amazon. On 7/25, Audible charged our brand new credit card. Take note that we know exactly which online accounts were updated with the new credit card information--Audible was not among them.

    I called Audible, and the rep found the email address with which our credit card information was associated. It was an email address that belonged to another individual whom we have never heard of. The account had never been used. The rep deleted the account and refunded the charge (at least in theory--I haven't seen it yet on a bank statement).

    The reply to my email to Amazon said: "I'm very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case. I understand you're being charged $16 per month by audible and an e-mail address that doesn't belongs to you is associated with the audible account. Since you're being charged service fee by the you'll need to contact them to resolve this issue. Although Audible is part of the Amazon family, Audible is independently operated."

    It appears far more likely that Amazon and Audible are sharing a database with customers' personal and financial information and the database scrambled the information at some point. I plan to pursue this with Amazon, but if I cannot make any headway, I will report it to my bank and to law enforcement. There are only two choices here: either Amazon failed to safeguard our account information or someone hacked one of our accounts and used the card number to set up an account s/he had no intention of using.

    Which do you suppose is more likely? But if Amazon continues to deny, then I will have no choice but to take precautions based on the other choice.

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  • Re
      Aug 22, 2015

    Had subscribed to their service for a few months but cancelled back in june/july and they are still charging me!

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  • Jn
      Jan 16, 2017

    Audible scammed me twice. I have NEVER even signed up for a free trial because I don't download books or music. They got me a few years back...with a credit card on my AMAZON account. Now I just noticed they have been charging me $16 and change a month since March of 2016. Amex card I had on file under my Amazon account. I didn't catch it until today because I am trying to pay the card off and don't use it. The card had also expired on my Amazon account 12/ filed a complaint with Amex and they are checking into it. I also contacted the I###TS at Audible ...they are only willing to refund me 4 months worth of charges...after they ripped me off for $147. I like Amazon...but this has forced me to think about if I want to cancel my Amazon card and also my Prime membership. I have deleted my credit cards off of my Amazon account page. From now on if I order anything I will have to enter card info each time. Seems to be the only way to avoid these a**holes from unauthorized fraudulent charges.

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