Audiafter sales service

A little more than a month ago I bought Audi Q7 at Warsaw Audi dealer - Rowinski-Wajdemaier. After I collected the car I have been completely ignored by the dealer. Was promised to get extra rubber mats with the car as a gift that never materialized. The car I received was without the extinguisher and when I pointed it out, the salesman put one extinguisher loose to my trunk. Later I discovered it was already 2 years old and almost expired. All desribed above is not what bother me the most. I can buy the mats and extinguisher myself (that I actually did already). The worst is the way I have been traated after I sign the leasing papers and collected the car. I never managed to get in touch with the salesman person that actually sold me the car. Was promised many times that I will be contacted and all my questions will be answered and it never happened. I even talked to dealership manager with no result. Later on he was not willing to talk to me any more. Buying the car of premium segment like Audi one could expect at least decent treatment from the seller.
Arkadiusz Skorupinski
Ul.Tuwima 3
78-100 Kolobrzeg

Dec 03, 2018

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