AT&Twireless upgrade

I have been a loyal at&t customer since 2012. Today I paid off an installment phone on my sons line, and wanted to get him an upgrade. After being given the run around, being put on hold, disconnected, me calling back, I was told that since our phones go into off network when we get to our home (10 minutes off the main hwy) there has been a block put on them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cloutierville, LAIt seems there will not be any upgrades allowed. I received a letter 4 years ago saying we were going off network, and we could get out of contract if we wanted. I opted to stay in, since this is the only time it happens. Never did I get a letter saying there would be no upgrades on my lines, matter of fact, I got myself a 6 plus 2 years ago. They said the block was put on 1 year ago. No problem in taking my payment every month, nor my pay off today!!!

May 03, 2017

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