AT"T Wireless / bogus charges

Pompano Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 508 453 0453

Got a new computer with a built in ATT air card...$60/month contract.
Went on a short cruise to Puorto Rico, St. marten, Nassau on MCL Cruise line MS Poesia!

Had no ATT reception once left Florida and Paid MSC over $100 for limited access to their WiFi service aboard ship to ck email etc.

Att suspended my service even tho I only used 357 Kb of 5200kb monthly allowance.

Then I rec'd a bill for 80, 613 kb of usage ($1671.95 ) for roaming in Jamaica !

I was never near jamaica and, I am 75 years old and couldn't use that much time if I lived to be 100 !

After my complaint, they said the charges were legit and that was that !

What do I doi next ?

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