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I ordered a phone online to upgrade and renew my 2 year contract with AT&T. I ordered the phone on 6/18/2009 and I received a confirmation email saying it would be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. I started calling on Wed, 6/24 to find out the status of my order as the Online Order Status never changed from "in-progress".
6/24 - representative said order looked fine. She called the warehouse to verify that the phone was in stock and said it would be shipped the next day. Didn't receive it.
6/25 - representative said order looked fine. Again they called the warehouse to verify that the phone was in stock and said I should receive it the next day. I asked for a tracking number and realized after I had hung up the phone that the rep had given me my AT&T order number as the tracking number! Again, didn't receive it.
6/26 - 9:30am - representative got a rep from the online department who said they couldn't figure out why my order hadn't shipped and that it looked like the order was stuck. She said everything looked good, the order was still there, the financial authorization looked good, the phone was in stock...etc and that it would take them a couple of hours to figure out what happened. She also said that because of the delay it would be FedEx'd overnight. I asked for a call back and gave the rep my "work number" as the wireless phone I was calling about was my son's phone.
6/26 - 2:30ish - No call back. I called AT&T and they said they had given me a call back on the wireless number I had called about even though I specifically asked them to call me on my work number. So now the rep tells me it has been on backorder even though it has never showed on the Online Order Status as in backorder and the previous two days the rep had verified with the warehouse that the phone was in stock. So I asked to speak with the online dept. The online rep said it showed that it was in a "partial shipping" state and should be shipped by Wed 7/1. I told him that the online rep that morning had told me it would be FedEx'd overnight and he said that they put in the standard shipping code and that I probably wouldn't receive it before Wed.
6/29 2:30 - online rep said that it was on backorder for awhile and that even though it is in stock there were so many orders that they are trying to get them shipped out. She could not give me a timeframe at all on when I would receive it. I told her to please document that if I did not receive the phone by Friday at 5:00 I was switching to Verizon.
Not once was I contacted via email or phone by AT&T to let me know that the phone was on backorder or that there would be a delay on my order.

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