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I was contacted in the beginning of Dec. to purchase a cell phone through ATT and it would give me further discounts on my bill. I purchased phone under the understanding it would be bundled with my services except the digital life that could not be bundled. I called February 1st regarding a bill I received that was past due on my wireless account. I was told ATT had failed to bundle account so I needed to bring account current and they would bundle in my next bill. I had added more features and services to my account that would give me even more discounts on that day. The bill was paid and I expected the bundling to start with my March 15th bill as promised. My bill is on autopay and paid on March 15. Now I am told my service has been suspended and there is no way to bundle if I don't bring the bill current. I explained I have no problem bringing current AGAIN but I do oppose to paying an activation fee of $45 when I have paid all my bills and ATT has not fulfilled it's promise. The person I spoke with in Feb could see the notes from my original purchase and was to make good on bundling. The person I spoke with today cannot and refusing to remove fee of $45. I am completely frustrated with ATT. I have been a good customer and have multiple services through ATT. I would think a person of business to see a fee of $45 should be waived when the error was upon them.
Darla Bustos

Mar 25, 2017

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