AT&T Wireless / rude service & misrepresentation

CA, United States

I have been a wireless customer of at&t for almost 3 years now and I added a new line and purchased a brand new phone because my old mother was travelling to asia. I also enrolled the phone in the 'international traveller's plan'. Now my mother is in asia and I cannot make or receive calls from her. She is an old lady travelling by herself.

I contacted at&t today who were so rude and un-helpful and also hung-up on me twice (Including the supervisor) for the 'at&t travel department'. Ms. Lorena and her supervisor ms. Rowlings or whatever their last names were, informed me that the travel plan was never added 2 days ago because the line is not eligible for international roaming because it is less than 90 days old! When I called 2 days back at&t confirmed that the international roaming is added! First of all why was I not informed about the 90 day rule by at&t about this when I called to add the plan? I would never have spent that money!!! Secondly when I requested her to over-ride the 90 day rule, she rudely came up with another excuse saying that my service was disrupted in the past and hence I am not eligible.

This customer service sucks and this is very frustrating and all the more reason why now I am truly thinking of changing them and moving on to someone who will atleast be nice to thier customers!!!

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