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After being a loyal 5 year customer of at&t wireless, I think it's time for my wife and I to take our business elsewhere.
Long story short:

Sept 5 2010: called to order a new palm phone to replace my blackberry that had just died. Spoke to a very polite, very hard to understand indian woman. Everything I said, I had to say twice, everything she said, she had to say three times. I eventually asked for another sales rep. 5 minutes on hold later, I get another indian woman. She was much clearer so I decided to stick with her.
Ordered my new phone, no problem. She asked for my delivery address, I gave it to her, she read it back to me twice, full address and apartment number. City, state and zipcode. Hung up feeling fine about the experience.

Sept 9 2010: stayed home all day to wait for fedex delivery of the phone. Website tracking number stated "out for delivery".. .3pm rolls around, no phone. I look at the tracking number again, site now states "delivery exception: incorrect address"... Great. I call fedex. After 15 minutes on hold, the woman tells me the address is correct but that there is no apartment number. She can't add "4d" to the delivery, I have to call at&t and request that they call in the correction.

35 minutes on the phone with at&t. Rep after rep, hold after hold. The first woman told me, it would be no problem for her to call in the fix. She asked me to wait on hold while she called fedex. I waited... And waited... And waited... Someone else gets on and tells me "the address change has been made, fedex says they will try to redeliver tomorrow, no problem"... I call fedex, "no change has been made, no call from at&t sorry". Already feeling like this is going badly, I call at&t again...

Next woman states, "i can take care of that for you, just let me do some research... I need to put you on hold".. .14 minutes later, she picks up and tells me "ok, I found it, here's your tracking #"... Getting sort of frustrated but trying to be nice, I said "i don't think you understand, i'm not looking for the tracking, i'm asking you to call fedex and add the apartment # that you forgot to add originally to the shipment"... "oh" she says... "please hold"... Click. I was hung up on.

This happens two more times (Getting hung up on/put on hold) before I finally get a very nice southern lady. She listens to my plight, apologizes for the problems and promises "before I hang up, we will get this fixed"... Great. "let me just put you on hold while I call fedex"... I started feeling very relieved. She seemed like she knew what she was doing and was pretty confident. 20 minutes on hold... Stomach aching from not eating breakfast yet... She finally gets back on the line "sir, you have to call fedex and make the change, we aren't allowed to do that"...

Now at this point, I feel like i'm on some sort of cruel reality show, waiting for the cameras to come out of hiding and for a host to tell me it's all a joke. I call fedex again, "no sir, at&t has to call and have the address corrected"...

I call at&t, we're now approaching hour 2 of this nightmare... After listening to their happy ### music for 10 minutes, a rep finally picks up... I demand to speak to a supervisor, he puts me on hold for another 15 minutes. "natalie" finally picks up. I explain the situation to her as well as my complete unhappiness at how i've been treated. I asked her "is it really this difficult to add two digits to an address?"...

Her answer?

"sir, someone should have told you... We actually aren't allowed to change any part of the shipment once it's out the door. What you need to do is wait 3-5 business days for fedex to send the package back to us, we have to check it in, then process a return and then send you out another one".

"and how long does that take in total?!" I ask...

"anywhere from 10-20 business days usually... " she says.

I explain again that i've been charged in full for this phone, the invoice for the phone has my complete address on it (Including apartment number) and that i'm now being punished because someone at att didn't create the shipping label correctly. I asked her if she thinks that's really an appropriate way to treat a 5 year customer...

"again sir, that's the policy".

Zero compassion for the 3 hours I just wasted, zero compassion for the fact that they screwed up, zero apology for the error... And now i'm told to sit on my hands and wait a few weeks to get the replacement phone that I use for work. I was so disgusted with the way she was talking to me that I wanted to smash the phone. I told her that when my contract is up in 3 months we'll be leaving at&t...

"whatever you want to do sir... Is there anything else I can "help" you with today... ?"


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  • Le
      Mar 10, 2010

    I cancelled my AT&T wireless account on Jan 20th. I did not have any contractual committment. When I had initially signed up for service, I was billed for the prorated first month of service PLUS the full second month. From then on, I have been paying for my service one month ahead of time. Since my billing cycle was from the 3rd to the 2nd, I expected to have to pay only for the 18 days in January that I did use the service. Since I had been paying for the next month's usage, I held off paying my last bill expecting my final bill to have a credit for the unused portion of January. The customer service rep said that it would be ok and also said she would be making a note as such on the account. Then, I got an email in early February billing me late fees as well. Again, I did not have access to my bill and had to find out the amount only by calling customer care. The rep I spoke to in Feb saw the previous note when I had cancelled the service and removed the late fees. She then said that I would have to pay the current balance and that I would be processed a credit in my final bill once any pending roaming charges came through. So, I did pay that bill in full. Today, I got another email saying that my bill was available online.

    As soon as I cancelled the service, my online access was DISABLED, but I still keep getting emails from AT&T asking me to check my bill online!! See example below...

    Your Wireless Bill is Ready Online


    Your monthly wireless bill for canceled account XXXXXXXXXX is available online for review. Note: Your online access is restricted and will be made available only for a limited time. Please log in and make your payment today.

    Thank You,


    This is the error I get when I try to go to my online account:

    L123: We are unable to process your transaction at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may contact our Customer Care department at [protected] or dial 611 from your wireless phone.

    I called customer service again today and spoke to a rep named Jesse. After I explained my situation, he said that AT&T DOES NOT GIVE CREDIT. EVEN IF I DID NOT HAVE SERVICE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF JANUARY, I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR SERVICE FOR THE FULL MONTH OF JANUARY. I told him that this was very rude and unethical.


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  • Ch
      Jul 12, 2010

    When you cancel your service AT&T sets your lines to cancel on the last day of the billing cycle as they do not pro-rate your final bill.

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  • As
      Sep 11, 2010

    Can I agree and disagree?

    I understand there was mix up on your part. I feel that AT&T should have made a better effort in making sure you were satisfied. If they wanted to ensure your service..they should have been a little bit more concerned.

    If you DO switch, ask whatever sales rep if they will pay the early termination fee of your current service provider. Most of the time the major companies will pay the 200 early termination fee just for switching!

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  • Pa
      Dec 23, 2011

    See, the problem most of us real Americans are encountering is a change in society. It use to be where businesses and just common folk were accommodating and hospitable. The customer came first! There are so many foriegners living here in America that want to bring their culture here that have not adopted our ways of living nor have they been cultured to the once standards Americans were governed by. This world is in such choas that everybody is doing for themselves and if you dont like it the heck with ya. The only thing we can do as consumers is walk away from patronizing a company and their services, but they know you are not because you "need" your phone, you want your phone, and you wont go with out it. So you will take what they give you. Society has become a material crazed bum, that we are willing to compromise our integrity and morals to get our fix and they know it!

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  • Ma
      Sep 21, 2012

    AT&T- The worst nightmare, Sunday September 23rd is my 13th wedding anniversary. It would have been wonderful-Nice hotel, upscale dinning. Until AT&T Wireless destroy it. Please read: Order 2 iPhone5's on Sept.14th at the 3am est ATT release. Took till 6am to actually order- Saturday morning get an e-mail that there was a issue processing and to call AT&T. Spend 7 hours over the weekend finally on monday after 3 hours got a rep. said just needed to check the card I used. I let him know maybe there was a issue cause it has a different billing address, No just had to confirm the card. Reported all set and there would be no delay of receiving my new iPhone5's, Sound professional and confident. Okay all set. Until Friday Sept 21st morning. Get another call that there is still an issue. Okay ran the card numbers again AMEX with $0 balance but hmm did not work. Female Rep. had me use another card VISA- Okay that one was all set. Then the 2nd one. But the card would not let it go thru so she had me use another one. Okay finally all set. She said AT&T would release the hold and the iPhone5's would arrive by Monday. I asked if she was sure and a happy absolutely. Little delay on one of the anniversary gifts. So I thought. Note I said it was my wedding anniversary, so like a great husband I like to surprise my wife of 13 years and 2 fantastic healthy beautiful kids, Plus all the great things she does. So as I mentioned reserved a nice hotel and dinning. Left work picked her up and headed to a nice romantic evening. Until the hotel canceled my reservation cause my card declined and the dinner was part of the deal. Found out the AT&T rep. charge for 4 iPhone5's Just enough to get my pre-planned anniversary weekend destroyed. Wife totally upset I started the process of canceling the phones and the service after 14 + with AT&T and all the issues I had stuck it out. After an hour on hold found out there were no iPhone's on the way for monday but back ordered for Oct 11th, Finally got over to a live person in Premier Care who was very nice and got me right to a supervisor. But that supervisor had to transfer me to a Victoria M. who seemed nice but became less and less helpful and found it funny this happened on my 13th wedding anniversary and then I could hear other people in the back ground saying who cares let them cancel we don't need their business. Victoria went on like I could not hear them. Then I said I want to cancel my service and she said she could not help with that and would get me over to another person that could cancel the service. Instead of transferring me to a person she dumped the call back to the beginning of the system where I have to enter all the information to get a real person again. At no time did they ever try and save me from leaving.

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