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AT&T Wireless / bad business practice

5565 Glenridge connectorAtlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
My phone has been giving me trouble since I've been with AT&T and the service is horrible. I first went into a store to "purchase" another phone. I wanted a refurb but the store clerk said I would have to go online for that. I went online and there the option to buy another phone kept going around in circles. Later that night I called AT&T and none new how to help me. I only wanted to buy a phone. Is that too much to ask. I ended up being transfered 4 different times and disconnected twice. The next day I went online to speak to a representative via instant message. She informed me that I couldn't buy a new phone unless I go into a store(where I started out). The customer service at AT&T is one of the worst that I have ever experienced. All they care about is getting more customers and care less about the customers they already have. I will definitely be looking for a new provider.


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  13th of Dec, 2008
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We purchased three cellular phones from AT&T Wireless online shop in December 2007 and subscribed for AT&T wireless plan. We canceled the services within a week after we received the phones due to weak signal and call drops. It has been almost one year since we returned the phones to AT&T processing center. We have not received the refund for the phones as promised in AT&T service cancellation agreement. I made many calls to AT&T customer “CARE” and spent hours in the phone conversation with AT&T customer service representatives. They acknowledge that AT&T has received the phones. But they refused to send me the refund because the phones were given to me free of charge. I have the order confirmation from AT&T which clearly shows the amount of charge for the phones. When I provided the order number to them, they initially claimed that they do not have the authority to view the original order. After I mentioned that someone within AT&T wireless must have the authority to view the order, they claimed that AT&T doesn’t keep record of past transactions. I am shocked to know that AT&T does business in such a way. They asked me to send them a copy of my credit statement. Though this is a ridiculous request since they should be able to find the past transaction record by the order number, I still followed their instruction. This issue has not been resolved yet.
  2nd of Oct, 2009
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At&T has not changed their BAD BAD BAD business practices since I have been with them over 10 years ago. I paid the extra disconnect fee so I don't have to put up with them anymore. I have not met many people that are happy with their services and customer service. Why people are keep giving their money to them is beyond me. But until people will stop and actually do something about it they will continue their crapy services. So do something about it!
  3rd of Jun, 2016
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AT&T Wireless - Awful company
United States

AT&T Wireless which basically was a rename of Cingular which has maintained the worst customer service in history since it entered the business in early 2000, hasn't changed at all. The addition of the iPhone with millions of added customers and an already overloaded customer service system leads to more complaints than ever. The thing I fail to understand is how AT&T Wireless aka Cingular Wireless continues to operate year after year, defrauding millions of individuals and billions of dollars from consumers. I've had my rounds with both the old Cingular Wireless and the new AT&T. To start, when I canceled my account, while no longer under contract, with the former Cingular Wireless, only to receive a demand letter over 1 year later for $350.00, stating I was in-contract when I canceled the account. Challenging the claim even with documentation had no effect and the default perceprtion from AT&T Wireless aka Cingular Wireless was that the customer is wrong and the funds are owed regardless of the evidence to the contrary. This company extorts money from consumers through threat of and out right credit fraud.

The company has been sued over terrible service, violation of their own contracts with consumers and out right dirt bag dealings with their customers. Personally I outright despise the *** company. They need serious reform, and should be investigated by the FCC, and other regulatory agencies as to their horrible, illegal, and in some cases fraudulent business practices.

This is where we have arrived in our society with business. They drive away their own customers, commit crimes, and suffer no fair action, regardless of the millions of complaints filed against them each year.

I call for a class action suit on behalf of all customers of the current AT&T Wireless and the former Cingular Wireless. I think the business should have to pay for their un-ethical, illegal, and bad business practices, in addition a limit of no more the $100 should allowed to be charged per account for any cancelation of service. Their is absolutely no valid justification for the current actions of this business. Steer clear if you can, and if not complain to the FTC and the FCC about them.

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