AT&T Uversepoor service & defective equipment

R Review updated:

Randall L. Stephenson, chairman and chief executive officer
AT&T Corp HQ
1431 Apple Street
Dallas, TX [protected]

June 25, 2009-06-24
Subject: AT&T “Service”
Dear Mr. Stephenson:
On April 29, 2009 we signed up for AT&T U-Verse, wanting to take advantage of lower rates for several months and a rebate of $300.
In four days sixty (60) days will have passed and we’re still not completely installed and we’re far from satisfied with AT&T’s “service”.
There have been nine technicians to our home for a total of eleven (11) times and you’d think that a company the size and stature of AT&T could figure out a simple residential installation in less than 60 days.
In addition, the first technician broke our window and your “loss prevention/Sedgwick” people have yet to satisfactorily compensate us for the loss and inconvenience.
The key word here is INCONVENIENCE. We’ve had to re-arrange schedules for 11 tech visits and be on hold for countless HOURS to report problems with AT&T “service”. We’ve kept a diary of phone calls, waiting times, tech visits and results.
I’m reminded of the farmer’s definition of service: “It’s what bulls do to cows”.
When our 90 day introductory period is up, we’re going to be very tempted to return to Cox. In six years with Cox, we’ve had good customer service and few problems.
By the way, I won’t be buying any AT&T stock either.
Roger & Sharon Egan
Acct#[protected] (for now)

6/25 It's now 12 tech visits with lucky #13 scheduled. One of the boxes is defective and tech#1 put a staple thru the coax.


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      Jul 16, 2009

    I totally know what you mean!! I signed up with Uverse this past October and have had nothing but PROBLEMs with the equipment and the service it self. The channels freeze up sometimes and my phone at times wont have dial tones and my internet... thats the worst!!! I have had At&t out to my home a number of times and they have switched out the equipment and reset the crap over and over. I call and get told the same routine everytime and no matter what the problem start right back up and cant get on the internet. I work from home so its a huge inconvience and also while on the phone with them (my cell) they have my unplugging and re plugging things back and forth which is a hassell to have to move furniture to undo the equipment!!! A company this big you would think they would have there own service figured out. Now all I get told it sometimes it does that and to just hook a USB cable and run it like that. Well then why am I paying to have wireless!!!

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      Jul 18, 2009

    God help you if you have Earthlink DSL and try to convert to ATT Uverse.

    They told me I have to terminate the Earthlink DSL, but they can convert me to ATT DSL until the Uverse gets installed. They told me I can't schedule the Uverse installation until the Earthlink DSL has been terminated.

    So they terminated the Earthlink DSL within one day, and they are supposed to give me ATT DSL now, right? We've been on the phone for almost 2 1/2 hours this morning talking to 6-8 people, got hung up on twice, transferred and dropped a few times, and we've heard a whole bunch of "I can't help you." The last person explained that their system won't let them do anything until the Earthlink DSL is out of their system which will take about 10 days! She said she tried to delete out all the codes manually.

    Well, they terminated the Earthlink DSL within one day, but now the story is that we will be completely out of internet connectivity until the Uverse gets installed at some ??? date - we can't even find out when that is. They can't tell me an installation date until they call me back, which is promised sometime within the next 24 hours.

    I use internet connectivity for professional purposes (I work from home) and job search - what do you think my professional contacts will think hearing that I have no connectivity because my internet is down for an unknown period of time? They will probably think (1) we didn't prevent this disaster ahead of time and (2) they won't be looking to switch service from DSL to ATT Uverse any time soon.

    As a 25 year computer programming veteran, I can tell you that the telephone company computer systems are not designed to service customer needs - they are designed to very efficiently bill huge numbers of customer accounts at the cheapest cost using batch processing. Because of the batch processing, customer needs, like converting from one service to another, cannot be handled efficiently, billing adjustments get hung up in the once-per-month billing cycle, and late fees and penalties are probably calculated before adjustments are applied or lost in the process. (I experienced this with AT&T cell phone services 10 years ago, and in my experience, it hasn't changed a bit.) Computers that will handle customer needs better and function more accurately are very expensive, which would take money out of the C-level and shareholder pockets.

    I will update when I get more information.

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      Jan 24, 2010

    Service is an absolute nightmare! Nothing but trouble since installation in November, 2009. So far 9 techs have been to our home resulting in many, many hours of waiting for the arrival of a tech in a so called "window" of four hours. What has happened to the good old ATT that we were used to?? I am going to remove all Uverse equipment and send it back and return to Comcast. Internet service does not provide the mgb that we pay for, television service freezes, telephone line has so much static that calls cannot be completed. Next step will be to contact the Fcc regarding all these problems that a competent company should be able to fix. Fred

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